Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 Story: The Flipside, Foundation & More

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The last two Fortnite Seasons have had an incredibly strong story arc and that looks set to continue even as we transition into Chapter 3 in less than a weeks time. What's key here is that each season feels unique but they are delightfully leading the community on a magical carpet ride through a much bigger plot.

It appears that the end of Season 8 event will see us take on the Cube Queen who is looking to potentially weaponise the Golden Cube. We're still yet to see how Blevin (the Blue Cube) will play a role in this too.

Where could the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 story go and who might play a major role?

Latest - Trailer Leaked

A Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer - intended for release on TikTok - has leaked online. While it's not the full legnth version by any stretch, it gives us plenty to work with including a very brief shot of The Foundation and a look at the new map.


Continuation is Key

While it would be easy to see Fortnite Chapter 3 as a reset point for the game, that just can not be the case. The end of Season 8 has been alluding to events that happened back in Chapter 1 and this appears to be the big blowoff for everything.

fortnite the seven
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The Visitor, Scientist and Paradigm are the other member of The Seven

We expect this storyline to continue into Chapter 3 and expect that The Foundation will finally come forward as the main character. The Foundation is the fourth known member of The Seven and their goal is to destroy the Imagined Order, liberate the Zero Point and end The Loop.

These concepts embody Fortnite's Battle Royale mode meaning that it's unlikely that The Loop will ever be ended as it's the only explanation as to why the mode exists. We do, however, see a scenario where The Seven and the Imagined Order come to blows over control of the Zero Point early in Chapter 3, Season 1.


This could then lead to a much wider story arch throughout Chapter 3 and result in a finale that will seal the fate of the island as a whole. Either way, we're looking forward to what the game has in store for us because it's set to be a blockbuster.