Grab Saints Row the Third Remastered for Free on the Epic Store

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With the recent reveal of a new Saints Row game at Gamescom 2021, developer Volition wanted to thank fans for their support.

The way they've done this is to make one of their recently remastered past titles free to keep forever on the Epic Games Store. Here's how to can claim it, you'll need to be quick!


Saints Row the Third Remastered is currently Free!

If you log on to the Epic Game Store between now and Thursday, 2 September, you can grab Saints Row the Third Remastered for absolutely free.

This popular title was remastered in May 2020 and unfortunately had a multitude of problems at launch. These issues are now fixed and the game is as it was intended.


Saints Row the Third is a great way to jump into the series if you've not played any other titles. It's the game that crosses the border from grounded but whacky action into something a little more obscene but it still works. It didn't take things nearly as far as Saints Row IV which is still lambasted by fans of the game as a travesty.

Ahead of the franchise returning to its roots with the new Saints Row reboot, this is a great way to experience the series beforehand. Saints Row and its sequel are only easily playable on Xbox via backwards compatibility. The second game is also available on PC but it isn't the best port and can sometimes be outright unplayable.

The new Saints Row game will be released on 25 February and available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC via the Epic Store. It adds to an already strong looking first half of 2022 with multiple delayed games taking a new release date between January - June