Fortnite: Will Epic Disable Pre-Edits In The Future?

The FNCS Grand Finals are kicking off this weekend across all regions.

This will be the end of the primary competitive event for Season 4, but players have Dreamhack Duos to look forward to in a few weeks.

A heavily requested feature from the competitive community besides adding a FOV Slider has been to disable pre-edits.

Will Epic ever add this option, a Community Manager has hinted at the possibility of it now!

What Are They

For those who do not know what pre-edits are, lets quickly run over them.

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Essentially, pre-edits is when your player can edit the build you are about to place before actually placing it.

So, when you eventually place the build it is already edited.

This can be extremely aggravating, as it appears no-one ever tries to do these on purprose.

So a lot of the time players are accidently doing this, and it leads to them being eliminated at some point.

Epic confirmed a Fortnite pre-edit setting ... 6 months ago | Fortnite INTEL
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PLEASE- Make these go away!

Community Manager

Reddit user u/VicLate posted a thread on the r/FNCompetitive subreddit this week.

The post asked the FNCompetitive Twitter how many followers it would take to disable pre-edits.

This was of course referencing the fact that they recently added Arena Duos due to surpassing one million Twitter Followers.

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Well it appears that an Epic employee has responded to this thread and has now given players hope.


Reddit user u/TheStevieT who is an employee at Epic Games, commented the following:

We don’t have an exact timetable, but we’re going to do it. Don’t worry about followers

This is not the first time we have heard this from Epic, however. Like this time last year we got wind, they were exploring a disable pre-edit option during the Summer of 2019.

Whether or not they actually implement this feature is unknown as of now.

But it is a little bit of hope!

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