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Fortnite Update 21.51 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Server Downtime & What to Expect

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The final Fortnite update for Season 3 is on its way, with 21.51 likely to set up the end of the battle royale before Season 4 arrives and takes it into the future with a whole new batch of content.

What changes can we expect in the 21.51 Fortnite update? Here is everything we know so far.

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*LATEST* Servers Back Up

Servers are now back online for Fortnite with the 21.51 update now complete and ready to be downloaded all across the globe. Very little was added in this update as expected so we have to wait a little longer for more end of Season 3 leaks.

Downtime Now Underway

Server downtime for the 21.51 Fortnite update is now underway and is expected to last for a couple of hours as new content is added to the game. Stay tuned for all updates as they happen.

*UPDATE* 21.51 Release Date DELAYED

Due to a timing conflict with the Dreamer Cup event, it looks like the 21.51 update has been delayed until Wednesday, 7th September 2022.

21.51 Fortnite Update


The update will be the final one before the beginning of Season 4 and we can expect the update to arrive at the usual time of 1 am PST / 4 am EST / 9 am BST.

Server Downtime

One of the biggest questions regarding this latest update is whether or not any downtime will take place during its implementation in the game. Usually, when a Fortnite Update is made, servers will begin shutting down around 30 minutes before the update is set to go live, with a further downtime period of around two hours after it begins.

The difference here is that for those updates, the version number jumps by 10. Here, it's only jumped by one, suggesting that the update may not be as major or require downtime.

That being said, you should plan your games around the possibility of downtime anyway, as it is still a clear possibility.

What to Expect?

Perhaps the biggest thing to expect out of this Fortnite update came out of an update to the Nintendo eShop listing of Fortnite as reported by iFireMonkey. The image shows a hand reaching out of a dark puddle of liquid and has a far less colourful tone than the current season.

This hand is a redesign of The Paradigm character, a member of The Seven, who could potentially be featured in this update more prominently after taking more of a back seat story-wise. This might also be the set-up for the end of Season 3 event though nothing has yet to be confirmed.

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