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How to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is officially here and it has completely overhauled the game as we know it.

Introducing new mechanics such as crafting, the meta has definitely been shaken up.

One feature that has remained is the ability to upgrade weapons by visiting Characters, but where can you upgrade weapons in Season 6?

How To Upgrade Weapons

Season 5 saw the removal of the Upgrade Benches in favour of upgrading via NPC Characters that were dotted around the map.

This concept has been carried over to Season 6, only this time the Characters that offer weapon upgrades has been changed.

Here are the current locations of all of the Characters that can upgrade your weapons.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 1 Upgrade Characters
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Once you find the correct Character, equip the weapon that you want to upgrade and talk to them.

This will give the option to upgrade that weapon to a higher rarity.

The cost of each weapon rarity upgrade is as follows;

  • Grey to Green - 25 Bars
  • Green to Blue - 50 Bars
  • Blue to Purple - 145 Bars
  • Purple to Gold - 345 Bars

Makeshift weapons can only be upgraded to Blue rarity, and the Upgrade Characters can't upgrade a Makeshift Weapon to either Primal or Mechanical, you still need to craft them using Bones or Mechanical Parts.

Upgrade characters also can't upgrade to the different types of bows in the game, such as the Flame or Shockwave Bow, the required items such as Grenades and Shockwaves are still needed to craft the Bow into the special ones.

However, the Upgrade Characters do negate the need for Bones or Mechanical Parts if the weapon is already Primal or Mechanical.

This means that players can find or create a Green or Blue Pump Shotgun and easily upgrade to Purple by using Gold Bars, rather than needing to go harvest Mechanical Parts from vehicles.

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