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Can Fortnite's popularity grow with the No-Build Mode?

When the No-Build mode was introduced in Fortnite, many players rejoiced while a relatively small part of the community mourned its disappearance. We knew early on that this would only be a temporary change but regardless, returning players and new players flocked to the game to try this new mode out.

Low and behold, Fortnite stormed up the Twitch charts once again and was being talked about in much less condescending tones. The only problem? What happens when building comes back?

Is No-Build the future of Fortnite?

Having a persistent No-Build mode in Fortnite will be key to its growth and success moving forward. The game will not struggle should it become vaulted but it's hard to ignore the success of the current changes.

Whether or not Epic needs to go as far as implementing the No-Build mode into Arena and various other game types is yet to be seen. However, the sheer popularity and change of perception that this short stint has caused cannot be ignored.

Yes, building had become a much smaller part of the game in casual game modes but it was still crucial to have insane building speed to compete in high-level ranked games. For now, it looks like some form of No-Build mode will stick around to milk this success but extra steps might need to be taken.

Having two ways of playing running concurrently wouldn't be a massive issue but could require certain balance changes to be made in specific modes. For instance, bullet damage or penetration may be changed in No-Build mode whereas it stays the same in 'classic'.

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Seeing how many people have started playing and enjoying Fortnite since the change was made, it would be such a disappointment for Epic to revert back to a single-minded approach. Especially when the lore behind the game is at an all-time high for quality. Give the players what they want and you'll reap many more rewards in the long term.

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