Fortnite New Item Vote: Combat Shotgun vs. Boogie Bomb

Fortnite Season 8 has us choosing which weapon we'd like to see added to the game through its donations boards. In each update, we've had two weapons to choose from, one gets added to the game and the other gets vaulted.

The last matchup saw the Combat Assault Rifle take on the Combat SMG and there was only ever going to be one winner there. Now we're left with a slightly more difficult choice between the Combat Shotgun and the Boogie Bomb.

Combat Shotgun vs Boogie Bomb

At face value, this is a hard matchup to determine. While the Combat Shotgun is probably more useful in the long run, the Boogie Bomb is a popular and notorious Fortnite item that is pretty funny to use.

When you throw it at an enemy, it forces them and anyone in its radius to dance for a short time making them vulnerable to attacks. There was nothing more satisfying than landing a boogie bomb on a full squad leaving them defenceless as you cleaned up with the eliminations.

Despite the possibilities that come with the Boogie Bomb, initial reaction shows that players may take the serious route and vote for the Combat Shotgun instead. As @TweaBR points out, the Boogie Bomb could be the perfect counter for the Mechs when they return later this season.

Fortnite New Item Vote - How to Vote

Thankfully, the vote for the new item works in the same way as the previous one did.

What you need to do is, "donate Bars at Donation Boards to help your favourite choice reach 100% Funded first and be the one that becomes available on the Island!"

You'll be able to keep track of how the vote is going, and the winner will be added to the loot pool shortly.

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