Fortnite Fortnitemares Cup: When does the first PvE tournament start?

Fortnite's Halloween event is fully underway now and there's a lot to look forward to. Of course, cosmetics are one major thing to keep an eye on during the Fortnitemares event this year - however, Fortnite's first PvE tournament is also about to start! The Fortnitemares Cup is going to be groundbreaking for Fortnite and here's everything you need to know.

When does the Fortnitemares Cup start?

Fortnite's Fortnitemares Cup, like any Fortnite tournament Cup, has a set duration as opposed to a set start time.

You can participate in the Fortnitemares Cup starting from the following times:

  • 22:00 October 22nd PST
  • 01:00 October 23rd EST
  • 06:00 October 23rd BST

Fortnitemares Cup


Then, the Fortnitemares Cup will conclude at the following times:

  • 10:00 October 24th PST
  • 13:00 October 24th EST
  • 18:00 October 24th BST

You can find the Fortnitemares Cup on the "compete tab", as seen below:

Fortnitemares Cup
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COMPETE - Are you ready for another tournament?

During this period, you will be able to play up to five matches of Fortnite's new Horde Rush limited-time mode with up to three friends. These five games will net you points and earn you the following rewards:

  • Fortnitemares Loading Screen - 500 Points
  • Feeling Wrathful Spray - 1000 Points
  • Ghoul-d Game Emoticon - 2000 Points

Epic Games has added the following disclaimer to their ruleset: "Prizes may take up to 3 weeks or longer to award for all players."

How to earn points in the Fortnitemares Cup?


When you're playing Horde Rush for the Fortnitemares Cup PvE tournament, every 1,000 points you earn in-game for a variety of activities will count as 1 tournament point.

This means you're going to have to earn a cumulative total of 2,000,000 points across five games of Horde Rush to earn all the rewards on offer.

" Get off to a bad start with your current Squad or just want to keep shooting for a higher score? Feel free to swap teammates to try again with no punishment - each Squad combination will count separately on the leaderboard."

It's important to note that you're only going to earn one set of rewards, even if you earn 2,000 points in multiple squads.

Much like a cash prize tournament, you're going to need 2FA enabled on your Epic Games account associated with Fortnite. You can check out the fully detailed ruleset from Epic Games here, though.