Fortnite Ghostbusters Crossover: Quests, Skins, and more

Alongside the release of Fortnite's 18.21 update, a Fortnite X Ghostbusters crossover has been teased for Fortnitemares.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the crossover as news breaks.

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Fortnite X Ghostbusters Tease

The first tease came from @OMGitsAliA on Twitter, who has been sent what I hope is a cake of some kind to tease Ghostbusters' inclusion in Fortnitemares. It may just be a figure, but we're hoping it's something tasty.

This is the only official tease we've seen so far, but more on Fortnite's Ghostbusters content has leaked as part of the 18.21 update.

Quests Live Now

Rather than being an NPC in Fortnite, at least for now, you're looking for a quest sign to start the Containment Specialist's Ghostbusters Questline.

We don't know where they are yet, but the quest sign has been added to the game and you can crack on with the challenges.

Ghostbusters Skins & New Backbling


We expect some skins to be added alongside the quests, likely as part of a bundle in the store, but, they're not here yet.

They have been in the game previously, in 2020, but they'll likely return with some additions.

We have seen what the new backbling you get for completing all of the quests looks like, though.

Release Date


The Ghostbusters quests arrived in Fortnite today, October 19, but we don't know if 18.21 is also seeing any skins added as well.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is due to release on November 19, so we'd expect the content to be out shortly before then.

If the skins are going to come, they'll arrive before the movie is out in cinemas across the globe.