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A Fall Guys Fortnite collab may be on the way soon

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Fall Guys managed to hit it big way back in 2020 and has been a bit of a hot commodity ever since. This has led to big collaborations, new updates and more than a few clones. Now with their next update, we believe we could see a crossover with Fortnite. Here's why.

The Tease

Before we get to why we think they could be collaborating, it's important to go through some of the context. The Fall Guys Twitter page has been teasing something big for some time. We finally now know we will know what it is in just a few short days. On Monday, May 16th, we will see a live stream going over whatever the big news is and likely giving some kind of release date.

If you want to catch it for yourself, you can see it at the following times:

  • 12 pm CT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 6 pm BST

If you're looking to watch it, they recommend going through YouTube or Twitch.

Twitch is a little more community-focused, with unique emotes and a more varied chat. If you want to interact, this is your best bet. You can see the stream via this link.

YouTube is good for those who just want to watch. With robust captions and a little more customization when it comes to video, this is good for someone looking for a chiller experience. You can see the stream via this link.

Fall Guys Fortnite Collab?

Spotted by the sharp eyes of HYPEX, the announcement goes live on the 16th, Epic Games are releasing a free game on the 18th and the next Fortnite update is planned for the 17th.

Given Epic Games currently own Fortnite and Mediatonic, the creator of Fall Guys, was purchased by them just last year, it would make sense for them to be involved in a brand new collaboration. Maybe, we'll even see Fall Guys come as a free game next week. If any news comes out over the following days, we will update you right here.

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