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Astrobot is coming to Fall Guys

You never have to wait too long for the next exciting news to come out of Fall Guys and they have once again delivered the goods! As part of a limited-time event, you will soon be able to earn the Astrobot outfit in-game!

It's not the only announcement though as the Sweet Thieves challenges are coming to the game too and it appears that this will be how you earn the Astrobot outfit pieces. Ten challenges in total will be added to the game and each one offers 100 sweets when completed.

We also get a sneak peek of the rewards of offer in addition to the Astrobot outfit. There is an Astro themed colour pattern, title and name card.

What isn't shown in the trailer is that there is another reward for completing all of the Sweet Thieves' challenges, the Wave Emote. The Astrobot outfit pieces are unlocked with 400 and 800 sweets respectively. Here are all of the rewards on offer and how many sweets you'll need to earn;

  • Astro Bot Pattern – 100 Points
  • Astro Bot Nameplate – 200 Points
  • Astro Bot Lower Costume – 400 Points
  • Captain Astro Nickname – 600 Points
  • Astro Bot Upper Costume – 800 Points
  • Astro’s Wave Emote – 1000 Points

At the end of the trailer, we also get a peek at the T-Rex costume that will be available in the Fall Guys Crown Store. Each piece of the outfit will cost five Crowns.

astrobot t-rex costume
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Astrobot and the Sweet Thieves challenges will be live in-game from 8-13 March. The T-Rex outfit will be in the Fall Guys Crown Store from 10-13 March.

We look forward to seeing the skins in-game and hope that it isn't the end of the PlayStation x Fall Guys collaborations. We've already seen some awesome crossovers including Ratchet & Clank, Aloy and Sackboy.

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