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Football Manager 2024 Argentine Wonderkids

FM24 Argentine Wonderkids

Football Manager 2024 came out on 6 November 2023, and fans are excited to learn everything about the game. In a previous guide, we talked about the best bargain players in FM24. In this guide, we will present the Football Manager 2024 Argentine wonderkids list.

If you missed it, here is the complete list of Football Manager 2024 wonderkids, which includes some Argentine players. However, in this guide, we will focus solely on the Argentine wonderkids.

You don't need to spend a lot of time and money hiring the best scouts, as we are here to help you with the Football Manager 2024 Argentine wonderkids list.

FM24 Argentine wonderkids

In Football Manager, a wonderkid is defined as a young footballer with exceptional talent, typically 19 years old or younger. However, players under the age of 21 are also considered wonderkids in FM. They are rated on a scale of 1-200, which is divided into current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA).

The primary difference between these two attributes is that the current ability can change during a player's career while potential ability is fixed when a player is created. It represents the maximum possible ability that a player can achieve.

So, without further ado, let's take a closer look at the top five Argentine wonderkids in Football Manager 2024.

Valentín Barco

PA Range: 150-180

Valentin Barco was included in The Guardian's "Next Generation" list for 2021, and considering his FM24 attributes at the age of 18, they weren’t wrong about this exceptional talent.

FM 24 Argentine Wonderkids
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Valentin Barco in FM24

Barco plays for Boca Juniors and can cover pretty much the entire left flank (DL/WBL, ML, AML). Attributes such as dribbling (15), technique (15), bravery (15), flair (16), decisions (15), vision (16), agility (15), and natural fitness (16) make Barco a must-sign player. His release clause is just around £9m at the start of FM24 save.

Claudio Echeverri

PA Range: 150-180

Named by The Guardian as one of the best players born in 2006 worldwide, Claudio Echeverri turned professional at 16. He plays for River Plate and is nicknamed El Diablito after former Bolivian international footballer Marco Etcheverry, who was nicknamed El Diablo.

First touch (15), dribbling (14), technique (14), flair (16), decisions (14), vision (14), and natural fitness (17) are more than promising attributes for an exciting AMC.

Alejandro Garnacho

PA Range: 150-180

Garnacho is the best-known of all the players on this Football Manager 2024 Argentine wonderkids list. He is already a first-teamer at Manchester United and will become one of the cornerstones of the club in the next few years.

FM24 Argentine Wonderkids
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Alejandro Garnacho in FM24

Garnacho can cover both AML and AMR positions. He possesses great attributes, such as dribbling (15), first touch (14), technique (14), flair (16), determination (14), acceleration (18), pace (18), agility (15), and natural fitness (14).

Facundo Buonanotte

PA Range: 150-180

Buonanotte is equally good at AMR and AMC. He already impressed for Brighton last season, and this 18-year-old will undoubtedly be the star for the Seagulls by the time he turns 20.

At the start of the FM24 save, Buonanotte doesn’t have 15+ attributes, but the most promising are dribbling (14), first touch (14), long shots (14), technique (14), composure (14), flair (14), work rate (14), acceleration (14), agility (14), balance (14), and stamina (14). All of which will become 15+ in no time.

Nico Paz

PA Range: 150-180

Nico Paz is a product of Real Madrid and one of the most talented players on this Football Manager 2024 Argentine wonderkids list.

Paz is a left-footed player who is a capable left winger, but unlike most wingers, his finishing (15) is brutal. Among the more strong attributes, there are dribbling (14), passing (14), flair (14), agility (15), and natural fitness (15).

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