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Best scouts to sign in FM24 for ANY team

Best scouts to sign in FM24 for ANY team

Early access for Football Manager 2024 is here and it is time to go wonderkid hunting! To do that you will need some excellent scouts that can scour the earth to find the best talent and get reports to you before Man City, PSG, and Real Madrid swoop in.

While you can check our list of the best FM24 wonderkids to see who you should sign early on, once regens start popping up in your save you will need a strong scouting network to identify the best ones.

Best scouts in Football Manager 2024

When it comes to scouts you want them to have strong judging player potential and judging player ability. Adaptability is also important as you will be sending them to various countries to try and find talent.

Just like physios & sports scientists, good mental attributes make all the difference. High determination is best, and a broad knowledge base that includes some traditional football powerhouses is also a plus as it will speed up the process. If they can speak the language of the county you are sending them to then all the better!

So who are the best scouts to sign at various levels of club? Here are our top picks.

David Trezeguet

Yes, that David Trezeguet is one of the best scouts in the world and is available without compensation.

FM24 David Trezeguet
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He's got 20 judging player potential and 19 judging player ability along with extensive knowledge of France, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Those are hotbeds of talent, and which young player wouldn't be impressed by having a World Cup winner scouting them?!

Markus Pilawa

If you need a chief scout then poaching Bayern Munich's is a good way to go. Pilawa has 20 in both judging attributes and extensive knowledge of England, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Luciano Canepa

Working at Aspire in Qatar, this Argentine scout is keen to get out and has a HUGE global knowledge pool for you to draw from.

FM24 Luciano Canepa
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He's got 17 in both judging attributes, 19 adaptability, and extensive knowledge of England, Portugal, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and France. He's excellent for any team and is willing to sign with a League One team!

John Marshall

This unemployed Englishman is perfect if you are starting in the lower leagues. With 16 judging player ability and 15 judging player potential he can uncover some gems across England.

Vlada Stosic

A Serbian who is nearing the end of his career at 58, Stosic brings 16 in both judging attributes and extensive knowledge of Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Spain.

Juarez Fischer

If you want to find the next Vinicius Jr or Endrick before Real Madrid snaps them up then you need to sign Juarez Fischer. The 62-year-old Brazilian has perfect 20 in both judging attributes and specialises in his native Brazil. Hire him, set him up on the Copacabana and let him do his thing!

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