The Top 10 Left Midfielders in Football Manager

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Having good wingers can propel your side to another level.

Whether they are playing in a flat 442 and helping out at both ends of the pitch or playing further afield in an AML position, they are invaluable to the side.

Here are the best of the best in FM21.

Latest News - Winter Update shakes up rankings

The FM Winter Update is here, and it's caused a stir as far as the ratings go.

There's a Spanish youngster making a first appearance in the top 10, whilst a Premier League star has seen his ratings upgraded as part of the yearly update.

Keep reading to find out who's in the newly formed top 10.

FM21 Best Left Midfielders

There's no toing and froing here, this is just the out and out best left midfielders in the game.

We are basing this solely off their CA, meaning that as soon as you start your save, these are the best left-sided attackers on offer to you.

Neymar Jr (CA 181)

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+ 10
THE BEST - Neymar is the best LM in FM21

Age: 28

Club: Paris Saint Germain

Best Attributes: 20 Dribbling, 20 Flair, 20 Technique

Value: £83M

Wage: £850,000 per week

There are plenty of top-tier LM in FM21, but none more so than PSG's Neymar.

The Brazilian is known for his technical ability and flair, with it coming as no surprise that both are maxed out at 20 OVR on FM21.

HIs £83M valuation is reflective of his current club and his potential. Not many will be able to afford him, but those that can, will get themselves a superstar.

Sadio Mane (CA 180)

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+ 10
MAESTRO - Mane has established himself as one of the world's best

Age: 28

Club: Liverpool

Best Attributes: 18 Pace, 18 Natural fitness, 18 Acceleration

Value: £77M

Wage: £180,000 per week

Closely following Neymar Jr is the left-sided member of Liverpool's incredible front three, Sadio Mane.

It's Mane's speed-related statistic that dominates his best attributes but his game is so much more than that, with his ability off the ball (16 OVR) key for anyone wanting their midfielders to graft too.

His value is less than that of Neymar Jr, and his wages a fraction of the cost.

Eden Hazard (CA 175)

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+ 10
LAST CHANCE - Hazard needs to find his form in Madrid

Age: 29

Club: Real Madrid

Best Attributes: 20 Dribbling, 19 Penalty Taking, 18 Technique

Value: £67M

Wage: £400,000 per week

Eden Hazard's Real Madrid career has been largely disappointing, could you help him to rediscover his form in FM21?

His dribbling still remains up there with the best in the game at a maxed-out 20 OVR, and his ability to play centrally offers managers a handy extra alternative.

Heung-Min Son (CA 172)

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+ 10
IN FORM - Son's ratings have increased since launch

Age: 28

Club: Spurs

Best Attributes: 18 Finishing, 16-18 Composure, 17 Work Rate

Value: £70M

Wage: £95,000

Now if you're looking for an out and out goal-getter, then Heung Min Son is the man for you.

The Spurs man has a very impressive 18-rated finishing as well as 16-rated long shots and 16-18 rated composure. Give him a chance in front of the goal and the chances are, he'll take it.

Leroy Sane (CA 169)

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+ 10
BACK HOME - Sane has returned to Germany for this season

Age: 24

Club: Bayern Munich

Best Attributes: 19 Pace, 18 Dribbling, 17 Acceleration

Value: £59M

Wage: £300,000 per week

A first trip to the Bundesliga now with recent Bayern Munich signing, Leroy Sane.

The 24-year-old has only just joined the reigning European Champions, so getting ahold of him may prove tricky, but with an incredible ability on the ball, he'd be worth the hassle.

An added bonus in that he is equally comfortable on the left or the right.

Serge Gnabry (CA 165)

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+ 10
BREAKTHROUGH - Gnabry went from 0-100 REAL quick

Age: 25

Club: Bayern Munich

Best Attributes: 17-19 Balance, 17 Acceleration, 17 Pace

Value: £57M

Wage: £125,000 per week

We've got a feeling Tony Pulis won't be taking our advice here.

The German winger has gone from West Brom benchwarmer to a European star, offering you a cheaper alternative to Leroy Sane if you're after a German winger to light up your side.

£125k p/w is a steal for the quality you're going to get in return.

Angel Di Maria (CA 164)

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+ 10
TWILIGHT - Di Maria is reaching the twilight of his playing career

Age: 32

Club: Paris Saint Germain

Best Attributes: 17 Passing, 17 Technique, 17 First Touch

Value: £27.5M

Wage: £235,000 per week

The final name in the list is one that has featured for many a year, PSG's Angel Di Maria.

At 32-years-old, Di Maria will start to wear away quite quickly, but with a value of around £30M, he could be a great short term addition for any team.

We'd recommend trying to pull down that £235k p/w wage though.

Lorenzo Insigne (CA 160)

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+ 10
VERSATILITY - Insigne can play out wide or through the middle

Age: 29

Club: Napoli

Best Attributes: 17-20 agility, 18 first touch, 17 passing

Value: £39.5M

Wage: £150,000 per week


The final left-sided attacker with a CA in the 160's is Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne.

The Italian midfielder prefers to play out on the left flank, but he's also got the ability to switch to a more central role if required.

With good technique and passing abilities, a central role may be better suited to those who prefer a slow, patient build-up.

Mikel Oyarzabal (CA 158)

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+ 10
YOUNG GUN - Oyarzabal is capable of heading to the very top

Age: 23

Club: Real Sociedad

Best Attributes: 16-20 leadership, 16-19 penalty taking, 14-17 balance

Value: £41.5M

Wage: £39,500 per week

Now if you're looking for a young talent to come and bolster your attacking set-up, then Mikel Oyarzabal is definitely worth considering.

The 23-year-old has had a breakout year for Real Sociedad and, with the ability to max out his leadership, the youngster would be a great addition for any side.

His wages are incredibly low too.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (CA 158)

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+ 10
DECLINE - Aubameyang's stats are on a downward spiral

Age: 31

Club: Arsenal

Best Attributes: 17 acceleration, 17 off the ball, 17 flair

Value: £46M

Wage: £250,000 per week

The final name on the list is Arsenal captain, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon international has seen his attentions switched to the left flank in recent years, and that's been reflected by his positional change in FM.

At 31-years-old, the pacey forward is on the decline, we'd advise looking at others in this list before you consider Auba.

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