Football Manager 2020: This is what happens when two Non League teams get a £1,000,000 budget

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Football Manager has been out for a fair few days now, so it was only a matter of time before some interesting experiments took place.

Step forward YouTuber Blackburn Roverseas, who envisaged a scenario when not one but two billionaires invested their fortunes into two struggling non-league football clubs - one from the National League North and one from the National League South.

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St Albans (South) and Bradford Park Avenue (North) - were the two chosen. Congratulations, you both have a billion pounds.

So, what went down? Let's start with Bradford.

At the end of the first season, PA performed pretty badly - languishing in 17th place. So what went wrong? Well, a quick look at the finances revealed they didn't really spend much - opting for free transfers and loans.

Weird, but OK.

In terms of salaries, some of the players were taking home a hefty £2,000 a week but most were around the £500 mark.

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FREE AND EASY: Despite the cash boost Bradford basically did a load of loans and free transfers


Now for St Albans.

They fared far better, managing to get to a respectable 7th place (although some would argue that with £1,000,000 it's a tad of a let down).

A deep dive into their finances reveals, like Bradford, St Albans were pretty conservative with their money - most of the players coming via free transfers and loans.

It seems that despite having a lot of cash, they're were not able to attract those star names.

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LOAN RANGERS: Like Bradford, St Albans were surprisingly conservative with their spending


Fast forward to the 2037/2038 season (where the world has been taken over by robots) and what's changed? Well, Bradford managed to get to the SkyBet League 2.

St Albans, meanwhile, managed to get themselves to the Championship. Good effort, lads.

So, is Football Manager actually any good?

This year's Football Manager has been well-received by critics and fans alike.

In our review, RealSport's Toby Durant writes: "This year’s game is everything you could realistically want or expect from Sports Interactive. It is engaging, while the new features don’t distract of alter the flow of the game.

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"FM20 will certainly come in for the usual 'it’s the same' criticisms, but when the formula SI has is so good it doesn’t require an overhaul.


"There are a few tweaks this year that really help take everything up a notch and as a life-long FM player, they all work.

"It’s a must-buy for new and old managers alike."