Why is Saliba bald in FIFA 23?

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Arsenal centre-back William Saliba has been simply outstanding since returning to the Emirates last summer after his loan spells in France.

Despite the centre-back role being arguably the most difficult to master in the Premier League, the French defender has been touted as one of the best in the division this season at the age of just 21.

The French defender has also become a very popular player to use in FIFA 23, with his attributes perfectly suiting the meta this year.

However, there's something that doesn't quite look right about Saliba in-game...

Why is Saliba bald?

William Saliba, who usually rocks a fresh skin fade, is completely bald in FIFA 23.

Now, you may be wondering whether the 21-year-old has made the bold decision to shave his in real life, but no, this is not the case.

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BALD BALLER - You can't miss Saliba's shiny head

The reality is that William Saliba being bald in FIFA 23 is nothing more than a glitch.

You can find the Arsenal number 12 as bald in all game modes including Quick Play modes, Ultimate Team and Career Mode.

Bald Saliba meta

Whilst Saliba's new look may come as a shock to many of you, there could potentially be some strange benefits in his in-game performance.


Maybe the centre-half will channel his inner Jaap Stam and become a more aggressive yet still technically profound player.

Or, the former Saint-Etienne man's distinct lack of hair could make him lighter and more streamlined, potentially making him feel quicker on the ball.

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