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When do World Cup Path to Glory cards get upgraded in FUT 23?

One player from each of the 32 nations competing at this year’s FIFA World Cup was selected for a Path to Glory item in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Each Path to Glory player item is eligible for upgrades based on their country’s performance at the winter competition.

So, find out when the World Cup Path to Glory items will get their in-game upgrades and how they will actually work in FUT 23 below.

When will Path to Glory items be upgraded in-game?

EA has confirmed that World Cup Path to Glory item upgrades will occur the day after each stage of the tournament has been completed.

The Path to Glory items upgrade schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 3 December - Round of 16 upgrades
  • Wednesday, 7 December - Quarter Final upgrades
  • Monday, 12 December - Semi Final upgrades
  • Thursday, 15 December - Final upgrades
  • Monday, 19 December - Winner upgrades

Teams that qualify for the Round of 16 after just two group matches will receive early upgrades, starting on Monday, 28 November.

How do Path to Glory upgrades work?

Each player item starts the campaign with a base upgrade and can receive additional boosts if their team progresses to each successive stage.

Progression to the Round of 16 and Quarter Finals will each earn a +1 in-form upgrade.

Progression to the Semi Finals will earn player items five-star weak foot.

Progression to the Finals will earn player items five-star skill moves.

Winning the 2022 World Cup will earn players another +1 in-form upgrade, along with three select traits tailored to that player’s position.

Once a player’s nation is eliminated, they will not earn any more upgrades.

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