FIFA 23 Guerreiro POTM SBC Cheapest Solutions

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guerreiro potm sbc fifa 23

It's that time when Player of the Month (POTM) SBCs are hitting FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

The vote for the Bundesliga's March nominees has been conducted and we have now had the winner officially announced with a brilliant new card.

Check out Raphael Guerreiro's Bundesliga Player of the Month card and find out the cheapest way to unlock his SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below.

Raphael Guerreiro POTM (OVR 89)

guerriro potm fifa 23
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Start Date: Thursday, 6 April

Expiry Date: Saturday, 6 May

SBC Requirements

You will need to submit two squads to unlock the 89-rated card, with the requirements as follows:

Top Form

  • Minimum one TOTW player
  • Minimum 83 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Small Electrum Players Pack


  • Minimum one Bundesliga player
  • Minimum 84 Squad Rating

Reward - 1 x Small Gold Players Pack

Estimated Cost - 57,250 coins


You can use the following players to complete the POTM Raphael Guerriero SBCs:

Top Form

guerreiro potm sbc solution top form
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guerreiro potm sbc solution bundesliga
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Ridiculous Rafael

Rafael Guerreiro only needed to play in two of the three matches to win the Player of the Month award, but in that time he produced five goal involvements!

He was pivotal in getting points on the board with a goal and an assist in the 2-2 draw with Schalke, then followed that up with another goal and two assists in the 6-1 destruction of Koln.

As we saw with his TOTW item, he has received a position change to CM with this upgrade, and his card is unreal!

He has 90+ stats in all his passing and dribbling attributes apart from his 88 FK. Accuracy, making him a proper playmaker in the middle of the park, able to turn out of a tight spot to progress the play.

Usually playing as a LB, his defensive qualities are obviously good, with 93 Interceptions being the standout.

It is a shame he only has 75 Sprint Speed, but that can be improved by adding a Shadow chemistry style, with his base 93 Acceleration also giving him better movement.

March Bundesliga POTM Nominees


Defenders were in the spotlight again in March, mirroring February's list with four Bundesliga Player of the Month nominees playing in defensive positions.

Well, at least their FIFA 23 cards have them designated as defenders, but these guys like to get forward at any given opportunity!

The following players were nominated for the Bundesliga's March Player of the Month award:

  • Rafael Guerreiro
  • Jeremie Frimpong
  • Exequiel Palacios
  • Omar Marmoush
  • Marius Butler
  • Erhan Masovic

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