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FIFA 23 Career Mode: Five Challenges you NEED to try in this year's game

FIFA 23 has arrived, with fans around the globe praising EA for the significant gameplay improvements that have been made in this year's game.

Whilst Career Mode may have left a lot to be desired, we still think there are plenty of ways to spice up your offline experience in FIFA 23.

Check below to find out the five best Career Mode challenges you can take on in this year's game.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Challenges

We all love taking on a good challenge in Career Mode, especially when those challenges take us to new and exciting corners of the globe and introduce us to stars we've never even heard of before.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
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TEST YOURSELF - These Career Mode challenges will test your managerial nouse

The challenges listed below will do just that, offering something different for every type of Career Mode player.

Ibiza Rocks

UD Ibiza is a brand new team in FIFA, plying their trade in the second division of Spanish football.

They may be new, but their legacy is already vast, with this party island certain to bring up fond memories for some, and blurry memories for others.

Either way, taking this nation of booze, beaches and beats to the very top of Europe could be one of the best challenges you undertake in FIFA 23.


Sticking with Spain, but this time moving up to Barcelona, where we find a team - at least in real life - struggling with financial issues.

Our challenge for you in FIFA 23 is to sell every top star in the Barca squad, replacing them with La Masia graduates, free agents and bargain buys.

Eventually, you could raise a Barcelona side that the world fears once again.

Wonderkid Factory

A youth-only save is sure to bring a real challenge to your Career Mode experience.

With only the youth prospects coming through your academy able to be deployed as new signings, you'll have to hope your scouts are working overtime in order to find you a hidden gem.

in this challenge, you're not allowed to spend a penny on new signings. Instead, you must take your team of academy stars to the very top of the game.

The Southampton Model

The Saints have earnt a reputation as a team that tends to sell their best player at the end of a long and arduous campaign, and this is the challenge we put to you.

Regardless of how vital they are, we challenge you to sell your highest-rated star player at the end of every season and see how far you can go when re-investing that money across the rest of your squad.


This challenge will test your managerial might in every major league in FIFA 23.

Not only are you tasked with claiming the top title in England, but we're challenging you to move around the world and claim domestic glory in France, Spain, Germany and Italy as well.

For an extra challenge, why not try and win the Champions League with a side from each of these nations as well?

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