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FIFA 22 Lucas Paqueta Moments SBC: How to Unlock, Start & Expiry Date

Just when you thought things might be a little quiet with Team of the Year ongoing, FIFA has dropped a banger of a card that you just have to earn!

A Moments Lucas Paqueta is up for grabs now for a limited time and would improve just about any Ligue 1 team (if you don't pack yourself a Marquinios TOTY that is). Here's everything you need to know about the card

FIFA 22 Moments SBC: Lucas Paqueta

FIFA 22 is bringing another big Moments SBC this week and Lucas Paqueta is the star on the card! The Moments cards are focused on players who've impressed worldwide and honour a previous promo card, performance or goal from a player.

This card celebrates his stunning build-up play and goal against Clermont in the 2021/22 season.

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You won't have long to work on this one - although a little longer than usual - as this Moments SBC for Lucas Paqueta expires after 12 Days.

Start Date: Sunday, 22 January at 6 pm GMT

Expiry Date: Thursday, 3 February at 6 pm GMT

On top of this one-off card, you can also now dive into the Team of the Year promo, which we've got more details on here.

How to Unlock - Lucas Paqueta SBC Requirements

If you want to snag this brilliant Brazillian midfielder from Lyon, you'll have just three squads to submit to unlock his Moments card.

The requirements are as follows:

Brazil Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Brazil
  • Minimum 1 TOTW Player
  • Minimum Team Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 60
  • Reward: One Premium Mixed Players Pack

Ligue 1 Challenge

  • Minimum 1 Ligue 1 Player
  • Minimum 1 TOTW Player
  • Minimum Team Rating of 85
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 55
  • Reward: One Prime Mixed Players Pack

86-Rated Squad Challenge

  • Minimum Team Rating of 86
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 50
  • Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

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