FIFA 22 250k Ligue 1 squad: DOMINATE the final third using this 4-2-2-2

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Building a decent Ligue 1 squad on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can prove tricky, as PSG have the best - and very expensive - players.

There are more options out there though, and you don't have to include Messi, Mbappe or Neymar to give yourself a quality side.


We've lined up as a 4-2-2-2, as the best wingers (Messi and Neymar), are far too much for this 250k budget.

Anthony Lopes (OVR 85)

As we've got a bit more to spend, we've gone for Anthony Lopes' Rulebreakers card in goal, with the two PSG goalkeepers the only ones better than him.

He is by far the best option behind them, with an astonishing 96 Reflexes.


  • PlayStation – 11,000 coins
  • Xbox – 13,000 coins

Achraf Hakimi (OVR 85)

We've gone all-out with our full-backs, with Achraf Hakimi probably the best option in the game.

His ridiculous speed will let him get up and down the flank with ease, whilst also helping cover the man next to him.


  • PlayStation – 77,500 coins
  • Xbox – 66,000 coins

Sergio Ramos (OVR 88)


Sergio Ramos is one of the best centre-backs in the game, solid defensively, with the ability to play out from the back.

He lacks a bit of pace, but as mentioned, has cover from Hakimi, and his CB partner.


  • PlayStation – 27,500 coins
  • Xbox – 27,000 coins

Presnel Kimpembe (OVR 83)

Such a popular choice, Presnel Kimpembe is quite expensive for an 83 OVR rated card.

There is a reason though, and that is 81 PAC, 83 DEF, and 86 PHY, which means he can deal with any situation at the back.


  • PlayStation – 43,750 coins
  • Xbox – 30,000 coins

Jordan Amavi (OVR 83)

The best left-back in the league, Jordan Amavi’s 83 OVR RTTK card is the only place to go for a Ligue 1 LB.



  • PlayStation – 39,000 coins
  • Xbox – 39,500 coins

Georginio Wijnaldum (OVR 84)

The first of our CDM's, Georginio Wijnaldum is a real box to box midfielder.

His attribute distribution is class, able to do any part of the game.


  • PlayStation – 3,100 coins
  • Xbox – 3,700 coins

Renaud Ripart (OVR 83)

We don't like putting players so far out of position, but can you blame us for putting a ST at CDM when they have 80 DEF and 80 PHY?!

He's got the fourth-best sum of stats in the league, so can clearly do a job in midfield.


  • PlayStation – 10,500 coins
  • Xbox – 11,000 coins

Renato Sanches (OVR 80)


He may not have the highest rating around, but Renato Sanches is still a little powerhouse in midfield.

He has the speed to get out wide if needs be, and the dribbling ability to weave past defenders.


  • PlayStation – 1,300 coins
  • Xbox – 1,300 coins

Andy Delort (OVR 84)

Our other CAM is Andy Delort, who gives pace and power on the other side of the pitch.

Being a ST, he has all the traits to do well when he gets past the defence, but also has decent vision and passing to create for the two men in front of him.


  • PlayStation – 10,500 coins
  • Xbox – 11,500 coins

Jonathan David (OVR 84)

You could switch Jonathan David and Delort around, but we've put David up top for that tiny bit of extra pace he has.


With 95 Jumping and 92 Heading Accuracy, he is a beast in the air, so don't be afraid to put some crosses into him and his strike partner, who is another aerial threat.


  • PlayStation – 17,250 coins
  • Xbox – 20,500 coins

Moussa Dembele (OVR 84)

Very similar to David, Moussa Dembele will give you pace in behind, and aerial threat, and top finishing, with 87 Finishing and 89 Shot Power.

He already has the stats of a 87 OVR ST, which can go to that of a 91-rated striker with a Hunter chemistry style.



  • PlayStation – 13,250
  • Xbox – 14,000

250k Ligue 1 Team

This is how the full squad will look:

fifa 22 ligue 1 250k squad
500,000 COINS, NO THANK YOU - Staying away from the pricey wingers


PlayStation – 253,800 coins


Xbox – 235,000 coins