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FIFA 22 Ibrahim Sangaré SBC: Eredivisie POTM, How to Unlock, Start & Expiry Date

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FIFA 22 is celebrating the Eredivisie Player of the Month, and the man to earn that honor this time was Ibrahim Sangaré.

We've got all the details you need on the FIFA 22 Ibrahim Sangaré SBC, how to unlock his card, and how long you'll have to complete it.

FIFA 22 Ibrahim Sangaré SBC: Start & Expiry Date

While most of the SBCs that hit FIFA 22 have a smaller window of just one week, the good news is this one isn't going away quite as quickly.

FIFA 22 Ibrahim Sangare SBC
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28 DAYS LATER: You've got just four weeks to unlock this card

You'll have a full four weeks to work towards this SBC, but after that the opportunity to get him for your squad will be up.

Start Date: Friday, 3 December at 5pm GMT

Expiry Date: Friday, 31 December at 6pm GMT

We've also got all the latest here on Team of the Group Stage, which is hitting FUT 22 very soon.

How to Unlock - Sangaré SBC Requirements

On top of the good news about how long you'll have to complete this SBC, there's even better knows to come.

While many SBCs require multiple squads, you'll only have to knock out a single one to unlock this Eredivisie POTM Ibrahim Sangaré card.

The requirements are as follows:

Ibrahim Sangaré Challenge

  • Minimum 1 player from Eredivisie
  • Minimum Team Rating of 82
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 60
    • Reward: Eredivisie POTM Ibrahim Sangaré

If you aren't focused on The League SBC grind, we've got more details here on why it's the way forward in Ultimate Team.

Eredivisie POTM Ibrahim Sangaré Player Review

If you're back and forth about whether this POTM Ibrahim Sangaré is worthwhile, then his stats should help you make that decision.

Right at the top, we have his 91 in Physicality and 86 in Defending, which are understandable strengths for this central defending midfielder.

Sangaré has an insane 98 in Strength, but he's also got a 90 in Interceptions, 89 in Stamina, 86 in Standing Tackle, and 85s in Defensive Awareness and Sliding Tackle.

There's no doubt that this player is going to be a differencemaker for your squad when it comes to taking the ball back and demolishing your opponents.

He doesn't have many major weaknesses, with 73+ ratings in all other larger categories, and only his Penalties and Free Kick Accuracy ratings dropped into the 60s with everyone else 70 or higher.

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