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FIFA 22: Beginner's Guide to Ultimate Team - Starting from Scratch

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FIFA 22 may be deep into its season, but that doesn't mean there aren't those that are dipping their toes in for the very first time.

In this series, accumulated over the coming weeks and months, we follow one team, No Clue FC - guided by the RealSport101 team - in their quest to dominate Ultimate Team.

First, we must start from the very beginning...

If you want to watch the latest episode of 'No FUTting Clue', head over to our Twitch channel, the series will be streaming LIVE every Monday at 6 pm GMT.

Starting From Scratch

No Clue FC was formed in March 2022 and boasted a very poor side on opening day.

A loan Marcus Rashford provided the most hope, with the rest of the squad moulded out of bronze and silver players, none of which were going to pull up any trees.

The goal of the first stream was simple - or so it should have been - as No Clue FC chased some of the easier to acquire FUT Birthday Tokens.

Following RealSport101's Ultimate Team Weekly Planner, No Clue FC delved into the FUT Birthday friendlies lounge, where Icons, TOTY, and many other high-rated players met their match in the form of 62 rated Exeter centre back Sam Stubbs.last-minute

Whilst we won't spoil what happened on stream - you can head over to our Twitch channel to watch the whole thing back - achieving the objectives proved to be a difficult job for a side that was clearly ill-equipped.

A last-minute switch saw the RealSport101 FIFA geniuses interject, leading to No Clue FC turning their attention to the MLS Squad Foundations Objectives.

Off-Stream Success

Despite the squad's limitations, success wasn't too hard to come by, with No Clue FC sweeping aside teams filled with gold players, kicking off their Division Rivals journey with an immediate promotion to Division 9.

A 9-0 win in Squad Battles ticked off the first MLS Foundations Objective, with victories, goals from outside the box, and assists via through-balls all needed to achieve the remaining goals.

Thankfully, the assists box was filled quickly, with online victories - mainly courtesy of goals from Josef Martinez - allowing No Clue FC to acquire plenty of coins and start making some much-needed improvements to the squad.

The completion of two objectives saw Sebastian Lletget added to the squad, bolstering the midfield ranks and providing some cover in the middle of the park.

State of Play

No Clue FC has seen some significant improvements since Monday's stream, with a team filled with MLS players now deploying a 5-2-2-1 tactic, a formation that was suggested by a viewer.

Claiming the Division 9 weekly rewards - 3 packs and 3,000 coins - No Clue FC currently sits with a coin total of 6,263, more than enough to make further improvements to the side.

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STATESIDE - MLS players dominate No Clue FC's squad

With Gareth Bale packed on Monday's live stream, could No Clue FC be harbouring some pack luck? Be sure to find out on Monday when the 8 packs acquired over the course of the past few days will be opened.

If you have any suggestions for players that should be added to the squad, be sure to reach out via Twitter and let us know who you want to see.

Moving Forward

The goal of Monday's stream is simple, complete all of the objectives in the MLS Squad Foundations section, adding both Miles Robinson and Marcelino Moreno to the squad.

In order to complete these goals, No Clue FC requires two more wins in Division Rivals, as well as needing to score three more goals from outside the box.

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CLEAR PLAN - Completing objectives will be the main aim on Monday's stream

Whilst Lletget provides some salvation to the long-range scoring hopes, the completion of these objectives is far from a forgone conclusion.

Be sure to tune in on Monday night at 6 pm GMT, as No Clue FC goes in search of wins, screamers, and more MLS stars to add to their squad.

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