FIFA 21 releases new Man of the Match items

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FIFA 21 has released exciting news as they revealed their Man of the Match cards on instagram today.

Let’s take a good look at all the cards from the line up and everything else you need to know about these new Ultimate Team players.

FIFA 21 Man of the Match


With the champions league coming to a conclusion next weekend, EA has dropped some special cards in honor of the occasion.

The cards celebrate the best performers from leagues that are active right now, and will be available only for a limited time.

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All Cards

EA released 11 outstanding players in its Man of the Match drop, here’s the highlights from each one of them.

Marco Reus, 87 OVR, Right Winger

Borussia Dortmund’s captain Marco Reus is the headliner for this Man of the Match release.

Man of the Match Marco Reus item FIFA 21
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MAN OF THE MATCH: Play with the best non-goalie in this drop Marco Reus!

He clocks in at an 87 rating, with 88 shooting, 88 passing, and 87 dribbling. He boasts 93 penalties, 92 curve, and 91 volleys.

He lacks defense badly with a 47 defending rating. Another low point is his 65 physicality.

Kasper Schmeichel, 87 OVR, Goalkeeper

Leicester City’s goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel earns Man of the Match honors for his shut out performance against Chelsea in the FA cup final.

Man of the Match Kasper Schmeichel item FIFA 21
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STANDOUT GOAL KEEPER: Players will want Kasper Schmeichel in net after his shutout victory against Chelsea

Schmeichel is tied for the best overall rating in this Man of the Match at 87. His best attribute is a 92 reflexes rating.

His 83 handling and 56 speed ratings leave the most to be desired.

Ondrej Kolar, 84 OVR, Goalkeeper

Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kolar is the second goalkeeper to come in this drop and has a rating of 84.

Man of the Match Ondrej Kolar item FIFA 21
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BRICK WALL: Players can also count on Ondrej Kolar as their goal keeper

Kolar’s 87 kicking rating is his best attribute, but also has an 86 rating in positioning and reflexes.

Kolar’s 63 speed rating is his biggest weak spot.


Thilo Kehrer, 81 OVR, Centre Back

PSG’s Thilo Kehrer is tied for the best defender in this Man of the Match release at an 81 overall rating.

Kehrer’s 83 defending and 80 physicality are his biggest strengths, with 89 jumping and 86 slide tackle ratings.

Dejan Kulusevski, 81 OVR, Striker

Juventus’ Dejan Kulusevski gets a Man of the Match card after scoring against Atalanta and winning the Coppa Italia final.

He is the first of three strikers in this drop with an 81 overall rating. Kulusevski’s 86 pace rating is his best attribute, but it’s hard to overlook his 76 shooting rating.

Valentin Rosier, 81 OVR, Right Back


Valentin Rosier scored one of the goals in Besiktas’s Turkish Cup win over Antalyaspor. He receives an 81 rating on his Man of the Match card.

Rosier impresses with an 83 pace rating that goes along with an 81 in dribbling. His 73 passing and 78 physicality are lacking though.

Fedor Smolov, 81 OVR, Striker

Lokomotiv Moskow’s striker Fedor Smolov is another striker in this pack with an 81 rating.
He separates himself with 87 pace, but is pretty well rounded with 81 shooting and 80 dribbling and passing.

Bruno Petkovic, 81 OVR, Striker

Dinamo Zagreb’s Bruno Petkovic was recently selected to Croatia's Euro 2020 team and is the last 81 overall striker in this release.

He’s one of the best all around players in this drop, as he has 84 pace, 83 dribbling, 83 physicality and 82 passing.


Mykola Shaparenko, 79 OVR, Midfielder

FC Dynamo Kyiv’s midfielder Mykola Shaparenko comes in at a 79 overall rating.

His 79 dribbling and 76 passing are his high points, with 70s in pace and shooting being his low points.

Juan Camara, 76 OVR, Left Winger

Winger Juan Camara gets a 76 rating in this Man of the Match and is the only player from the Romanian Football League.

Camara gets an 85 pace rating, which is far and away his best attribute. This is offset by a 61 defending rating and a 60 in physicality.

Mathias Greve, 74 OVR, Midfielder


Randers FC’s Mathias Greve is tied for the lowest rating in the release at 74.

Greve is propelled by his 82 pace rating, but his pretty below average in other attributes as he has 73 shooting and 73 dribbling ratings.

Glenn Middleton, 74 OVR, Striker

St Johnstone’s Glenn Middleton is the other 74 rating in this Man of the Match drop.

Middleton is super unbalanced as he secures a 93 pace rating, while having 68 shooting, 65 physicality, and an awful 38 in defending.

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