FIFA 20 Volta: Everything announced for the new street mode – gameplay, story mode, online, customisation & more

EA have just dropped everything you need to know about the new game mode heading to FIFA 20.

News has just been announced regarding the latest features that will be a part of the exciting new game mode Volta Football

In a trailer released via EA Sports Twitter, the likes of Dele Alli, Virgil van Dijk and Megan Rapinoe all feature in the refreshing game mode coming to FIFA 20 on September 27th.


You can now play from 3v3 rush to 5v5 rush and Futsal each with their own formations, styles of play and specific rules. 

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Simplified Rules

In Volta Football there are no substitutions, offsides, injuries, yellow or red cards, or even fatigue/stamina.

Match Types

The various match types offers a different element and creates a variety of situations different to the 11-a-side game.

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The match type breakdowns are:

Rush Keepers: played in 3v3 and 4v4, Rush is the street mode without Goalkeepers and with small goals, where each player is expected to contribute to all aspects of the game, be it scoring or blocking a shot.

Street with Keepers: played in 4v4 and 5v5, is the street mode with Goalkeepers and Futsal-sized goals, which combines the safety of a goalkeeper with the bespoke rules and personality of the street.

Futsal is a 5-a-side experience with more authentic rules, referees, and a more structured type of play. The formations available are the same as 5v5 street with keepers.


Besides match types, each environment can be customised and provides interesting variations to fixtures.

Players can play matches with Walls or No Walls, and pick between various pitch sizes.

Specific Rules

Volta Football gameplay has unique rules depending on the circumstances of the match. You can combine the rules below, creating very interesting match types.

Small-sided matches are quick and fun, with each half being only 3 minutes of real-time playing. The timer only goes down when the ball is in play and each extra-time half is 1 minute of real-time play.

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Environments without walls allow for kick-ins and corner-kicks.

Any match with goalkeepers allows for penalties, corner-kicks, and shootouts.

A match with goalkeepers that ends in a draw, will be followed by extra time Golden Goal, followed by best out of three Penalty Shootouts. If you play without 'keepers - games will be decided by the classic "next goal wins". 

Futsal is the only mode where there are direct Free Kicks.

Another unique Futsal rule is Accumulated Fouls, where the sixth foul results in a Penalty Kick from the secondary penalty spot to the opposition.

There is also a new mechanic for last second goals.

If the ball goes into the net after the time expires and the shot was taken before the timer ran out it will count as a goal. This is just like "buzzer beaters" seen in basketball. 

New Mechanics and flair

Volta gameplay has a wide variety of new mechanics and details to make it feel fresh and unique.

Movement and Dynamics

The various formations and mentalities affect how your players move and behave inside the pitch.

Movement is more free-flowing, with players being expected to contribute to most areas of play, be it defensive or offensive. This is especially true in Rush matches, where everyone is expected to be able to score as well as block shots on goal.

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Players can change between Balanced, Attacking and Defensive mentalities.

Different than 11v11, changing mentalities doesn’t change your formation, but instead affects the way your players behave, with more runs or staying back more, and how they position themselves during the match.

Custom Ball Physics

Using the new FIFA 20 Ball Physics, a new ball has been created that has a different size and weight than the regular game. This small-sided ball rolls more and bounces much less than a full-sized ball.

Build Your Player

From height and facial features to tattoos and hairstyles create your male or female player with ease and take them across various modes in FIFA 20 using the new Avatar system.

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Get the traditional athletic look, deck yourself out with the latest streetwear, or break boundaries as you find yours and your squad’s perfect style. Switch it up with limited-time item drops to create unique outfits using the Volta Shop.

Take your Avatar onto the street and express your style to the world throughout Volta Football's range of modes.

Complete matches to increase your player’s rating and earn skill points. Max out various traits to earn titles that show off your gameplay personality to the world.

Play it Your Way 

Lead you squad in the Volta Tour, guide your avatar through Volta Story Mode, play with your squad in the online VOLTA League, or take your favourite professional teams to the streets in Volta Kick-off.

Take your Avatar across the world and face off against various real-world legends of street football. Build your squad and recruit players as you aim to win the ultimate prize: The Volta Football World Championship in Buenos Aires.

Online Volta 

Play your way through promotion and relegation against other players with the online VOLTA League, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.

Volta Kick-Off Mode

In Volta Kick-off head back to the streets and compete throughout all of Volta Football's locations and match types including House Rules. Play PSG vs Lyon in Paris, the Madrid derby in the streets of Spain, or Chelsea vs Spurs in a London cage.

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Volta Story

Following on from The Journey, it's time for your avatar became the protagonist. 

The story will take you through the Volta World, playing matches against various opponents from street football legends, to the diverse and unique players based on community generated Avatars and squads, to professional footballers. 

You’ll build your squad in the hopes of being invited to the Volta World Championships in Buenos Aires for a chance to win the ultimate small-sided prize. 

You can create create your avatar, recruit new players, build squads, travel to cool playable environments, face "legends of the street" and compete for special rewards in Volta Skillers - where FIFA's skill games come to Volta.

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