FIFA 20: New eWorld Cup Champion wants to see Volta street mode join competitive scene on new game

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The FIFA 19 competitive scene came to an end earlier this month with the

FIFA eWorld Cup Final

in London.

All eyes were on the two biggest professional FIFA players in the world, Donovan



Hunt and Mossaad


Aldossary at the O2 Arena, but neither the world number 1 or defending world champion took home the prize.

That honour went to the happiest player in the game Mohammed


Harkous. The Werder Bremen man walked away with $250,000 prize money and a ticket to


The Best FIFA Football Awards

where the best player in the world will be announced.

Where do you go from top of the world?

We spoke to the 22-year-old MoAuba following his incredible victory, and he already has an eye on next season – and more specifically, 

Volta Football


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“Volta will be really different, and it will be a big change for players who will want to play realistic football

on FIFA 20! It would be great to see the Volta mode to appear in some tournaments in the future which would be really fun, but I expect the big tournaments to stick to the traditional mode.”

With some of the professionals, most notably F2Tekkz,

amazing at skill moves

, it would be incredible to see them face off in a 3v3 on a street pitch in FIFA 20. 


All the details about Volta Football

Plus, with the viewing figures of FIFA esports no way near as high as the likes of Fortnite (the FIFA eWorld Cup Final had 286,000 views across YouTube and Twitch, compared to 2 million for the


Fortnite World Cup

), turning into a sharper small-sided game could be a solution.

A more exciting game

The powers that be at EA have trialled a number of different of formats and regulations for professional FIFA. One that has become very popular is having a 2v2 in a Davis Cup style format in the FIFA eClub World Cup and FIFA eNations Cup this season. 

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Halfway through the season they limited the amount of Icons (footballing legends who good chemistry with any player) to just two. This was quite a change mid-season, but it was brought into balance out the disparity between the casual and pro scene.

Having a Volta as an esport would be more entertaining and open doors for more players to get into the professional gaming scene. The overpowered gameplay issues of “first-time-finesse” shots and “back-post-crosses” have lessened both the playing and viewing experiences, but maybe fans can move on from this as FIFA heads back to the streets. 



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