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FIFA 22 may arrive with a brand new game engine

Fans' attentions are starting to turn towards FIFA 22!

So, we're focusing on whether EA's next title will launch on a brand new engine.

Here's everything we know so far.

Latest - FIFA 22 Release Date

Unsurprisingly there has been no word on when FIFA 22 will officially be released, but we can have a pretty accurate guess.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal
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BE CREATIVE: Use directed runs in FIFA 21 to take control of the runs your teammates make

FIFA 22 will likely be released between Friday, 24 September and Friday, 8 October, 2021, judging by the release in previous years.

Will FIFA 22 have a new engine?

FIFA 17 was the first game to make use of EA’s Frostbite Engine.

As we near the climax of FIFA 21, frustrations players had with the game and the engine all those years ago are still prevalent today.

FIFA 21 What If Caputo objective player ultimate team
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INCREDIBLE ITALIAN: What If Caputo is available to unlock via objectives in FUT now

However, a new console generation could come with a fresh engine for EA’s sports endeavours.

EA opted to stick to the Frostbite Engine for FIFA 21, as well as other recent games such as Need for Speed Heat, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This could signal that a new engine is waiting in the wings or at the very least being prepped for the new console generation.

A new engine for EA's next title could mean improvements to FIFA of an unprecedented degree.

When can I buy FIFA 22?

If you are desperate to get your hands on FIFA 22 then pre-ordering the game will be your best bet.

FIFA 21 Prime Icon Moments Ian Wright prediction
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GUNNER FOR LIFE: Prime Icon Moments Ian Wright could be coming to FUT soon

FIFA 22 is predicted to be available to pre-order from late June 2021.

Anyone who pre-orders FIFA 22 will possibly get the chance to play the game 3 days in advance.

Plus, pre-ordering the game will entitle you to free pre-order packs which will help kick start your Ultimate Team.

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