F1 2019 DLC: New content available now - badges, gloves, liveries & more

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It may be the off-season, but that hasn't stopped Codemasters from dropping some fresh content for F1 2019 players.

F1 2019 is undoubtedly the best entrant to the Codemasters franchise thanks in large part to the addition of Formula 2 cars to the game and the introduction of driver transfers in career mode.

These factors, along with superb handling models and aggressive AI, made it one of the best racing games on this generation of consoles.

Despite F1 2020 being around the corner, there is some fresh content for F1 2019 players to use online.


F1 2019 Premium Liveries & more

new livery in F1 2019
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FRESH: Hit the track with a new look

  • Badge "Aced" - £0.79
  • Badge "Flash" - £0.79
  • Badge "Fletch" - £0.79
  • Badge "Stomp" - £0.79
  • Badge "Hazard" - £0.79
  • Badge "Metal Bird" - £0.79
  • Gloves "Altitude" - £0.99
  • Gloves "Diamond Edge" - £0.99
  • Gloves "Firestorm" - £0.99
  • Gloves "Jet Stream" - £0.99
  • Gloves "Turbo Blue" - £0.99
  • Car Livery "KOMPASS" - £1.99
  • Car Livery "Monnaie - Riche" - £1.99

That's a lot of fresh looks for your multiplayer car.

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The liveries are the easiest way to stand out from the crowd, but if you use T-cam or cockpit camera angles then the gloves are what you will see the most and should lockdown for your driver.