EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: New Features, Leaks & More

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EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Mbappe

EA Sports FC has been officially revealed, with new information arriving in July to signal the start of a brand new era.

With EA setting themselves apart from the FIFA franchise, the titular developer will hope to set down a marker and create a new standard bearer in the world of sports gaming.

However, many of EA's main game modes will remain in the game, with Ultimate Team arguably being the biggest of them all.

The dream team building mode will once again return in EA Sports FC 24, looking bigger and better than ever.

With that in mind, let's take a look at everything we know about the mode so far.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team has been the most popular game mode in FIFA titles for years and that will no doubt continue to be the case in EA Sports FC 24.

A main money maker for EA, Ultimate Team's popularity has grown exponentially in the last few years, and new additions look set to take it to the next level.

EA Sports FC Ultimate Team
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ASSEMBLE YOUR SUPERSTARS - Ultimate Team quite literally allows you to build you dream squad

Whilst we haven't received much in the way of official information, the FUT leakers are already out in full force, with huge changes rumoured to be made to this major mode.

Female Players set to be added

When EA Sports FC was announced a year ago, a number of women's teams were featured in the initial advertising, and this has been the same in recent weeks upon the reveal of the full branding.

EA Sports fc women's fut leak
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NEW ERA - Women's football has been leaked to arrive in EA Sports FC 24

It has become clear, from the work showcased in FIFA 23 and now heading into EAFC, that EA is doing all it can to champion the women's game, and that's brilliant to see.

More eyes on the women's game will help it naturally grow and gaming can have a huge influence on the real-life popularity of certain things.

Not only that, the women's game is growing exponentially and has taken huge strides forward in recent years, asserting itself as the fastest-growing sport in the world.

EA Sports FC women's team
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HEAVILY SHOWCASED - A number of women's team aligned themselves with EA Sports FC

However, the recent leaks suggesting that women's players could be added to Ultimate Team may end up doing more harm than good to a mode that is teetering on the edge.

EA FC Ultimate Team Traits Leaked

Regular and reliable leaker Fut Sheriff revealed via Twitter that a new traits system will be coming in EA Sports FC 24.

As he says, "The goal is to create new levels of player authenticity", with more unique players and animations, with noticeable gameplay benefits.

ea fc traits leaked tweet fut sheriff
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Some traits may only be available to certain players with the necessary abilities, or completely unique to one player in particular, giving them a more pronounced personality in-game.

Obviously, at this early stage, we don't know fully how it will be implemented in the title, but we have quite a good idea as a similar system is already used in another EA Sports title, NHL 23.

Click here to find out more about the Ultimate Team traits.

Web App & Companion App

The FUT Web App and Companion App allow you to stay on top of your FUT squad on the go.

The Web App can be accessed via an internet browser, with the Companion App coming for mobile devices.

fifa 23 fut web app
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ON THE GO - The Web App and Companion App allow you to manage your side remotely

You can keep active on the transfer market, complete SBCs in a flash and create your next squad all without needing to be on a console.

The Companion App will likely be available on iOS/iPhone/App Store and Andriod once again, with itself and the Web App both granting Early Access to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team before worldwide release!

Ultimate Team Game Modes

We are expecting a host of changes to be made to Ultimate Team ahead of the launch of EA Sports FC 24 but, for now, these are the modes that are featured in FIFA 23 and could make a return:

Division Rivals & FUT Champions

The most competitive game modes for Ultimate Team players, test your skills against human opposition and climb up the divisions.

You can also play qualifying games to enter FUT Champions, where you will have a limited number of matches to complete in a short time frame to earn the biggest rewards.

fut champions
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BEAT THE BEST - Put your skills to the test in FUT Champions

FIFA 22 saw an update to the qualification process which helps fit games around your schedule, and also brought in a new rewards system in FUT Champions, which featured in FUT 23, so will likely be rolled out again.

Squad Battles

Competing against the computer, Squad Battles is only really played to complete objectives, as it can be monotonous and time-consuming.

A noticeable improvement in CPU ability has spiced it up a little in FIFA 23, but there are still plenty of improvements that could be made here.

FUT Friendlies

Many objectives now need completing in the Live FUT Friendlies, and it can often be the most fun game mode because of that.

Assembling new teams within certain requirements keeps the play fresh, and when playing to the unofficial Golden Goal rule you can whizz through multiple objectives in no time.

FUT Draft

Create a squad using a player pool of all the cards released in Ultimate Team throughout the campaign, picking from a random selection of players for each position in your side.

fut draft
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DECISIONS, DECISIONS - Play Draft and build a team from random cards

Pit yourself against a human or CPU opposition, then play up to four matches, if you lose you get knocked out - the more wins you get, the better the rewards!

Squad Building Challenges

Not really a game mode, but an essential part of the Ultimate Team experience, Squad Building Challenges (or SBCs) help you unlock special players, packs and occasionally objectives.

Submit a team based on the SBCs requirements using players from your FUT Club, trade them in and reap the rewards.


Moments was a new mode introduced in FUT 23 that sets up specific gameplay scenarios (such as score a volley, don't concede, win the match) to quickly play through.

fut moments
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QUICK QUESTS - Take to the Moments tab and play through mini-challenges

You will always compete against a CPU on easy difficulties, only for a few minutes and not a full game, and by completing the tasks you will earn Stars.

Trade in the Stars in the Moments Gallery to earn various pack rewards.

EA Sports FC 24 Icons

Icon cards are some of the most powerful in Ultimate Team and are given to legends of the game who have now retired.

There are presently 100 Icon cards in FIFA 23, each with multiple card variants, starting with Base Icon cards and upgrading from there.

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CLASS OF 23 - 100 Icons are available in FUT 23

They are extremely rare to pack, so the most likely way to get them in your squad is through regular SBCs that offer either a specific player as a reward or through the annual Icons Swaps season in Ultimate Team.

Leaked Icons & Heroes

According to the ever-reliable Fut Sheriff, a number of ex-footballers and greats of the game are currently in testing ahead of the release of EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 Robben
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MEGA STARS RETURNING - Robben has been leaked for an Icon card

The Ultimate Team leaker has stipulated that at this time it is impossible to know which players will be FUT Heroes and which will be Icons.

The full leaked list of players in testing is as follows:

  • Carlos Tevez
  • Vincent Kompany
  • Wesley Sneijder
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Ramires
  • Arjen Robben
  • Arda Turan
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Zico
  • DaMarcus Beasley
  • Dimitar Berbatov
  • Franck Ribery
  • Gianluca Vialli
  • John Arne Riise
  • Nwankwo Kanu
  • Paulo Futre
  • Enzo Francescoli
  • Shunsuke Nakamura
  • Steve McManaman
  • Tomas Rosicky
  • Bixente Lizarazu
  • Ludovic Giuly

EA FC Release Date

If EA sticks to its usual sporting schedule, EA Sports FC will likely see a release date on Friday, 29 September 2023, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.

However, there have been whisperings of an early release date in keeping with the start of the real-life football season. With the 2023/24 Premier League season kicking off on the weekend of Saturday, 12 August, we could see a release date in mid-August instead!