New Cyberpunk 2077 update roadmap is promising, but painfully unspecific

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Cyberpunk 2077 is in a better place than it was a couple of months ago, but CDPR has a long way to go before it's won back the trust of its fans and consumers.

In an effort to update those fans and consumers, a new Cyberpunk 2077 update roadmap has surfaced online. Here's everything we know about what's in-store for Night City in the future.

Updated 2021 Roadmap

Following their Q1 2021 Earnings Report, CDPR has shared an updated Cyberpunk 2077 roadmap that gives us a new look at the future they have planned for Cyberpunk 2077 and Night City.

Unfortunately, it's ridiculously vague and doesn't really explain anything. As you can see below, all we know is that "multiple patches and updates" are coming to Cyberpunk 2077 throughout the second half of 2021 and beyond.

New Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap
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UPDATES ARE COMING - We don't know when, but they're coming!

In addition, it does also state that "free DLCs" and a next-gen port of Cyberpunk 2077 is still planned for 2021. Again, though, there isn't anything specific mentioned.

You can find the rest of the Cyberpunk 2077 Q1 Earnings Report and progress update here.

What Does This Mean For Patch 1.3?

That's the question, isn't it. Looking at the overly vague new Cyberpunk 2077 roadmap above, we can only make an assumption that Patch 1.3 is still in the works and due to arrive at some point in the coming months.

There haven't been any reports of game-breaking errors recently so we should see this next patch before any future hotfix updates, though. However, trying to predict a timeline is a little difficult.


If you look at CDPR's updated Stability Report for Cyberpunk 2077 below, you can see that improvements have been made but the issues are far from over.

New Cyberpunk 2077 roadmap stability crash report graph
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SLOWLY GETTING THERE - Cyberpunk 2077 still crashes quite a lot, by the looks of things

Much like the new Cyberpunk 2077 roadmap, it's very vague and doesn't attribute any figures to the crashing statistics. Is it more in line with other triple-A titles? We have absolutely no idea.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit User u/cacoecacoe