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LATEST Warzone Season 2 Mid-Season Update: Latest leaks, release date and patch notes news

Season 2 has seemingly been going on forever and that might not be a good thing. Season 3 of Warzone Pacific and Vanguard is getting closer, but there should be a mid-season update before then.

Here's everything we know about the release date of the Warzone Season 2 mid-season update and what will be included in it.

Latest - Roadmap Revealed

The roadmap for Warzone's mid-season update is out and, yep, we're getting the Snoop Dogg operator bundle.

The update is likely to drop later this week or next week at the latest. We'll keep you up to date with the news as it drops.

Warzone Mid-Season 2 Update Release Date

With just a month left in Season 2, a 'Season 2 Reloaded' update of sorts can't be far away.

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Now that we're getting closer, it seems almost for certain that a Warzone Pacific Season 2 mid-season update will be coming on 23/24 March.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Raven will likely release details over the next few days, so we'll keep you updated.

New Weapons & More

Thankfully, we have a good idea of what weapons and features should come with a Warzone Season 2 mid-season update thanks to the initial roadmap released at the beginning of the season.

Rebirth Reinforced will be a LTM coming at some point, the Ice Axe weapon is due in the middle of Season 2, and Gustavo will be added to the group of Operators for you to pick.

Raven hasn't explicitly said that they'll come with a mid-season update, but that would make a lot of sense. Hopefully, we'll see more map changes and maybe a themed event at the same time.

Event Leaks

The only leak on what could be coming to Warzone soon is a potential King Kong event. Not much has been revealed about it, and none of it is official, but the suggestion is it'll be an in-game event, focused on the Vanguard Royale mode.

Maybe we'll see King Kong grabbing the planes from the sky as everyone flies around.

It's unlikely that any King Kong event, should it be real, will come anytime soon, so maybe it'll be something we see in Season 3 or even later.

warzone mid-season update, season 2
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Warzone Mid-Season Patch Notes

The other big feature of Warzone's mid-season update will be the weapon balance changes that'll be detailed in the patch notes.

We don't have them yet, but the patch notes will be released by Raven a day or two before the update goes live. We'll provide you all the details here once we have them.

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