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Warzone King Kong & Godzilla event reportedly coming soon

Events are an important part of Warzone Pacific, as they keep the game fresh as we wait for Warzone 2 to launch later in 2022. The latest rumours surround a King Kong event in Warzone, which could see Godzilla also join the fray. We're excited about what a Warzone King Kong event could look like, so we have all the rumoured details here.

Warzone King Kong Event

The rumours come from a variety of Call of Duty leakers on Twitter. @RealiityUK posted a Warzone image with King Kong grabbing planes from the sky above Peak.

Nothing else has been revealed aside from the leak that a King Kong event is coming soon, possibly featuring Godzilla too, but it would fit Warzone well.

With planes and bombers being a big part of the Vanguard Royale mode, it would be cool to see the giant ape roaming the map and grabbing players from the skies.

Activision also hasn't been afraid to add AI monsters to the battle royale. Krampus wasn't a fan favourite, but he played a big role in Warzone over the holidays, so King Kong could work in a similar way.

Obviously, King Kong will be bigger, but he'll cause havoc with players in the same way. Maybe players will only be able to defeat him with planes as they avoid being grabbed.

It looks like Faze Swagg is excited at least:

Warzone King Kong Event Release Date

As for when the King Kong event might actually arrive, it's hard to say. The leakers haven't given any information, and we'd expect it to be a season or two away yet.

Season 3 will begin in April, so we'd expect a King Kong event (if it's real) to come over the summer as the big half-year event.

Also, there aren't any upcoming King Kong or Godzilla movies to tie the event into, since Godzilla vs. Kong released in 2021.

As we hear more about the event, or any other that's coming to Warzone Pacific, we'll keep you up to date.

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