Warzone Halloween Event: Can you still play Verdansk daytime in The Haunting?

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Warzone's 2021 Halloween event, The Haunting, begins today and it is seeing Verdansk Night Mode return after its debut last year.

While the map doesn't really change, everything is spookier and harder to see. It's not for everyone, though, so you might be wondering if you can still play Verdansk daytime during Warzone's The Haunting Halloween Event 2021.

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Well, we've got everything you need to know down below:


Can you still play Verdansk daytime in Warzone The Haunting?

Thankfully, the night mode Verdansk is exclusive to The Haunting's Ghosts of Verdansk mode, for now at least.

Every other Verdansk playlist you choose, if it's the standard battle royale or Clash, will have the standard daytime setting.

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The event if only due to run for two weeks, so you'll be back to daytime Verdansk in all modes very soon.

Also, any Rebirth Island mode will be during the day still. There was also a night version of that map in 2020, but it's remaining light for now in 2021. If that changes, we'll be sure to let you know.


Halloween Event Challenges & Rewards

If you do opt to play Warzone's night mode, you'll be able to work towards unlocking the Halloween event challenges and rewards.

We'll have the challenges here for you once they're live, so check them out. For now, this is what Raven has said about them.

During The Haunting event, there will be two sets of nine challenges — one for Warzone and one for Black Ops Cold War — with 19 items, such as Weapon Blueprints, to earn. In addition to rewards earned for completing each challenge, The Haunting offers a major bonus reward for finishing all nine challenges in either game: the LAPA SMG.

Keep checking back with us for more.