Warzone Halloween Event 2021: Latest "Ghosts of Verdansk" updates detailed

"The Haunting" is here and there's a new limited-time mode to jump into during the upcoming Triple-Double XP Weekend in Warzone - but be warned, it can be quite scary! Raven Software are well-aware of this, though - here's how they're tweaking the event as it continues.

UPDATES - Raven Software tweaking "Ghosts of Verdansk"

At the moment, the following changes have been made to the "Ghosts of Verdansk" event:

  • Ghosts can drop ammo when killed;
  • Unclaimed Souls will be removed when in the gas for too long;
  • Passive Fear gain has been reduced;
  • Increased Fear reduction when killing Ghosts and human Operators;
  • The Fear generated by taking damage reduced;

We expect these sorts of minor tweaks to continue throughout the next two weeks.

OVERVIEW - Basic concepts of "Ghosts of Verdansk"

The "Ghosts of Verdansk" limited-time mode is the spiritual successor to last year's Zombie Royale and it retains the core objective that permeates every Warzone mode - Survive.

You have to be the last one alive if you want to win in "Ghosts of Verdansk" - so it's like the standard Battle Royale mode. The only difference is... Verdansk '84 has been plunged into darkness and there are Ghosts to look out for.

This Warzone mode has also added a Fear Meter into play which should pile on the spooks a little more throughout a game - but more on this below. As far as we know, the rest of the game mode should play the same. You'll drop in, follow the circle, and then fight to be the last team standing.

GHOSTS - No Gulag, just spooks

When you die in this limited-time mode, you don't head into the Gulag for a second chance. Instead, you become a Ghost - hence the "Ghosts of Verdansk" name.

As a Ghost, you don't have any guns but you do have the following abilities:

  • Super Jump
    • This is like the jump from Zombie Royale - you should have better control in the air being a weightless ghost though.
  • Teleport
    • If you want to get the jump on someone, you should be able to use this to jump forwards a short distance.
  • Spectral Blast
    • This AoE stun attack will disable vehicles and slow Operators.

Much like the Zombies in Zombie Royale, the Ghosts in "Ghosts of Verdansk" can melee attack and this is the only way to do damage.

Warzone Halloween Event Ghosts of Verdansk Adler Ghost
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SPOOKY SPECTRE - Will mines work if they don't have legs?

Every elimination will get you a soul, get three souls and you can respawn as an Operator. Alternatively, you can also perform a Finishing Move and respawn instantly.

The only place you're safe from a Ghost in "Ghosts of Verdansk" is Scared Ground. These illuminated areas can be broken down by Ghosts, but they should keep you safe for a little while.

FEAR METER - Scared yet?

The Fear Meter is a new mechanic in the "Ghosts of Verdansk" limited-time mode and it should help make this a scarier experience.

When your Fear Meter hits 50%, you should start seeing hallucinations. If you can handle them, you can reduce your own Fear Meter slightly. If your Fear Meter reaches 100%... "well, that’s up to you to find out."

Below, we've got a few ways your Fear Meter will increase:

  • Being shot at, being hit by enemy Equipment, or having their Killstreaks in the area
  • Camping (AKA cowardice)
  • Seeing dead bodies or Ghosts
  • Having squadmates downed or eliminated
Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk Halloween Event Powers
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KEEP IT TOGETHER - There's ghosts everywhere!

Then, a few ways you can keep this under control:

  • Eliminating a player or Ghost
  • Reviving a squadmate
  • Completing a Contract
  • Remaining within Sacred Ground… so long as it stays intact

This limited-time mode is an important part of unlocking the LAPA SMG during "The Haunting" event - so, keep all of this in mind.

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