Vanguard Season 1: Zweihander Melee Weapon Leaks, Release Date, & More

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Call of Duty Vanguard is enjoying a successful preseason at the moment -with Shipment just about to drop - but we're starting to see leaks about the first season's content and it's all very exciting. Vanguard Season 1 could introduce the Zweihander Melee Weapon to both Sledgehammer Games' Call of Duty title and Warzone. Here's the latest...

LEAK - Zweihander Melee Weapon

ZestyCODLeaks has offered us our first look at the Zweihander Melee Weapon - that could be coming to Vanguard in Season 1 - and it looks epic!

Zesty himself rendered the image you can see in the tweet below by using data-mined files and it looks like the Zweihander is going to be a claymore-like two-handed longsword. It is certainly something you'd see in Treyarch's new iteration of Zombies, anyway.


He has also shared a data-mined Zweihander Execution that we could see added to Vanguard in Season 1. It looks like a beast.


RELEASE DATE - When does Season 1 drop?

Call of Duty Vanguard's Season 1 is due to start on December 2nd. This is going to be like any other Call of Duty season, offering new content in the form of Operators, Weapons, Multiplayer maps, new game modes, and a Battle Pass.


However, Warzone is also getting a major update at the start of Season 1. The Warzone Pacific update is going to replace Verdansk with Caldera and fully integrate all of Vanguard's content.

This means we're going to see all the Vanguard Operators and Weapons added to Warzone - much like how it was added when Black Ops Cold War was launched - and there's going to be new vehicles and playlists to tackle. Operation Flashback is going to see Verdansk out, but we really can't wait for the next step in this journey.

Featured Image Credit: ZestyCODLeaks - Twitter