It's "New Gulag Day" in Warzone and players are understandably thrilled

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We all know that there's a few changes being introduced to Verdansk '84 in Season 4, but we're here to talk about The Gulag. You know the one; "Taunt your enemies with a well-placed stone" and all that. Well... Standoff is out and Hijacked is in. Here's what we know about Warzone's Season 4 Gulag.

LATEST - New Look At A Hijacked Gulag

We can imagine a lot of us know what Hijacked is like by this point. It's one of the best maps to come out of Treyarch and it's been a long-requested feature in the new Call of Duty game. Now, the central area of that map is the make-up of Warzone's Gulag and we have a cheeky overview below:

If there's one thing to note it is the fact that the new Gulag is a lot brighter. Visibility should be greatly improved and the Gulag should go back to being about gunplay and not screen brightness.


The Gulag Is Changing For Season 4

In Season 3, we saw the central area of Standoff replace Nuketown in The Gulag. Now, we're looking forwards to Season 4 and there's a new area being replicated in Warzone's post-death battleground.

Hijacked's central area is going to be the next locale replicated in The Gulag. The iconic Black Ops 2 map is also going to be making its way to Black Ops Cold War as one of the new Multiplayer maps added in Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 New Hijacked Gulag
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KNOW YOUR MAPS - Black Ops veterans are going to have an advantage here

Much like last season, we're expecting this change to remain in place for the entirety of Season 4 before being replaced at the start of Season 5.

" This truncated version features a plywood re-creation of the yacht’s central area, a prime location for important objectives such as a Domination flag in Multiplayer, which has the same location as the Overtime flag spawn during a Gulag duel."

In terms of how The Gulag works itself, this won't be changing. It will still be a kill or be killed environment that offers a last-ditch chance at redemption. The map you kill or be killed on is changing. That's all.

Warzone Season 4 is due to arrive on June 17th. You can read about the new Gulag and more on the Call of Duty Blog here.