Black Ops' Grigori Weaver is joining Requiem's fight against the undead

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Grigori Weaver has been a fan-favourite ever since he had his eye gouged out in Black Ops. Now, he's joining Black Ops Cold War and Warzone as Season 4 Reloaded's new Operator. Here's everything you need to know about how you can unlock Weaver as an Operator and what else you'll get.

LATEST - New Details Emerge Ahead Of Bundle Release

Weaver is going to be available in the Tracer Pack: Weaver Operator Bundle following the launch of Mauer Der Toten and Season 4 Reloaded. We don't have a specific date just yet, but he's going to be available in-season as opposed to at the start. This means we should see him before August, with any luck.

At the moment, we know that his default Operator Skin is going to be called "Kremlin's Eye" and that he appears to have a "Pet Finishing Move". As you can see below, it looks like that might involve a Zombie!

Unlock Weaver Operator Bundle
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HOW DOES HE DO THAT? - We don't know how Weaver has trained a Zombie, but we want one!

We haven't got the full breakdown yet, but an R1 Shadowhunter Blueprint looks like it's going to be included and it could feature Tracer Fire like the other Weapon Blueprint.

How To Unlock Weaver


At the moment, we don't have any confirmation of how to unlock Weaver in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. However, we do have a very good idea of how things will go down. In a similar fashion to Maxis' release, we're expecting Weaver to be released as an in-store Operator Bundle.

Every Call of Duty Operator Bundle, whether on Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, costs at least 2,400 COD Points. We're fully expecting this to be how much it will cost Call of Duty players to unlock the Weaver Operator via his own Store Bundle.

We're expecting this to include two Legendary Weapon Blueprints, a Finishing Move, and at least a Calling Card and an Emblem. There's no news as to whether he will be included in a Tracer Pack or not, though. Salah, the second Season 4 Operator, was included in a Tracer Pack. So, it's possible... Just a bit unlikely.