Raven Software has just made Warzone's best pick-up Ground Loot

The Specialist Bonus is a rare Warzone pick-up that's arguably one of the best lootable items in the game. Guess what? It just became a lot easier to get ahold of! This, combined with the new Armored Trucks and Red Doors, is proving that Warzone Season 4 could be one of the best title updates yet!

Here's everything you need to know about the Specialist Bonus in Warzone.

What Does The Specialist Bonus Do?

You might have seen people talking about the "Specialist Bonus" for a little while now, or even seen one in-game yourself, but what does it actually do? Raven Software has never been too transparent about this and they rarely share details about it as an item.

It's easily one of the best lootable items in Warzone and there's a reason why people are always trying to get ahold of one!

Warzone Specialist Bonus Gulag
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NOT IN THE GULAG, THOUGH - It goes without saying, but you can't carry the Specialist Bonus into the Gulag

When you pick up the Specialist Bonus, this is what you get:

  • All The Modern Warfare Perks
    • Although Overkill won't really affect you going forwards'
  • Additional Weapon Perks - Sleight of Hand, Frangible Wounding, Heavy Hitter, FMJ, Presence of Mind
    • These only seem to affect the Modern Warfare weapons, there's no word on whether Raven Software has updated it just yet.

In addition to all this, there are reports that it gives you more of a general 10% speed increase. CharlieIntel has claimed that Call of Duty Content Creator JGOD has confirmed this.

This information is a little dated, as Raven Software doesn't share too much information about the Specialist Bonus in Warzone but we're under the impression that it is the same at the moment.

How Do You Get It In Season 4?

Going forwards into Season 4, you can actually find the Specialist Bonus in almost any location. It can appear as Ground Loot, in a Loot Crate, or from a mysterious "Red Door Room". ModernWarzone has shared footage below of what it will look like in-game:

This is a huge change, despite its rarity, and will undoubtedly make it more accessible to others. However, don't expect these changes to last forever...

Raven Software has shared the following, which suggests the Specialist Bonus isn't going to be "random loot" forever...

" We want exciting items like the Specialist Token in Warzone. However, the ease and consistency of its acquisition was problematic. Ideally drop locations are allowed to be chosen dynamically based on several factors like circle location, infil route, and Player preference.
" When we introduce an exclusive, powerful item that can only be obtained at one location, it may have a warping effect on gameplay that can diminish early game strategy. We would also like to ensure there is excitement surrounding opening caches or completing Contracts no matter where you are on the map.
" In order to achieve that, we need to have items that are exceedingly rare but do not have targeted methods of acquisition. We may see the Specialist Token again, perhaps sooner than you might think—but it will be rebalanced in such a way that it offers neither Weapon perks nor drops on death.

It looks like the Specialist Bonus will no longer drop on death and the Modern Warfare Weapon Perks are going to be removed to help balance it. This still means the Specialist Bonus is a formidable piece of equipment, but it's an interesting change.

Featured Image Credit: EarlyGame

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