Call of Duty: Warzone runs at 120fps on Xbox Series X, but why not on PS5?

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Activision has added 120fps support to Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox Series X, but not on the PlayStation 5.

Warzone gets 120fps on Xbox Series X

The support, which was not mentioned in Modern Warfare's latest patch notes published this week, was spotted by players when they tested the battle royale on Microsoft's new console.

Here's an Xbox Series X screenshot:

cod warzone screenshot xbox series x min
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CLEAR AS DAY: Xbox Series X users can now play Warzone on 120fps

Digital Foundry's initial testing confirms Warzone now targets 120fps on Xbox Series X, but mostly hits between 100 and 120fps.

Warzone limited to 60fps on PS5

Digital Foundry's initial testing confirms Warzone is limited to 60fps on PlayStation 5.

Here is a PS5 performance screenshot:

COD warzone screenshot ps5 min
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FUZZY FLIGHT: PS5 users are still limited to 60fps on COD: Warzone

The PS5 has quality and performance mode available to choose from on the user interface, but even in performance mode Warzone still runs at 60fps.

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It seems strange that a game which has crossplay enabled by default across all platforms would run at different frame rates on Xbox Series X and PS5.

Why does Warzone not run at 120fps on PS5?


Warzone, which comes up as a PlayStation 4 app when it's downloaded on PS5, does not boot in 120Hz, and there are no in-game menu functions to enable it.

cod warzone playlist update snipers 1
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SNEAKY SNIPER: Use camouflage skins from the items store in order to blend in with your surroundings

If 120fps support is in the game, it's currently inaccessible.

Given Warzone is running on PS5 via PS4 backwards compatibility, maybe it would require a full port to PS5 in order to enable 120fps on Sony's console.

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