Call of Duty Warzone Update: Latest patch lets players pick their operator!

The latest Tweet from Infinity Ward shows that the company is currently pushing out a small patch.

This latest update should enable players to select their Operator again in Warzone.

Whilst not a massive problem for playing the game, many were annoyed that they were unable to use their hard-earned or expensive cosmetics.

Let's take a closer look at the patch now!

Warzone Patch

As mentioned, the patch enables players to once again select their operator of choice.

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Players have been having this issue since the last update, so we are happy that this update fixes the issue.

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Now, players should be able to use their character of choice, some of which have been difficult for players to earn.

Warzone on Next Gen

Some YouTubers who already have access to Warzone on next gen have revealed some disappointing features.

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WARZONE: The gamemode has proved extremely popular since release

This unfortunately shows the gamemode will run in 60fps on the latest console in 4K, despite HDMI 2.1 allowing for 4K @ 120 Hz.

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This was shown in a video by jackfrags, demonstrating the hardware running the game.

There were however some positives, as the gamemode did appear to load far quicker.

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The load times were reduced from roughly 25 seconds to less than 20, a significant improvement!

Not only this, but the gamemode held a consistent 60 fps, or every so slightly higher.

This is an improvement over the PS4 Pro, which had frequent dips to 50 fps and lower!

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