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Call of Duty Season 3: LEAKED Alex Operator Skin, Release Date, Battlepass and more

Call of Duty Season 3 is just around the corner and over the past few days, we've had some very interesting and exciting news trickling in about what players can look forward to expect.

Ahead of the April 8th release, we saw a new promo image released that teased the return of a character many thought was gone for good - Alex.

But now, as we get ever closer to Call of Duty Season 3, we've just got our next look at Alex - and woah....does he give Ghost a run for his money.

Alex's new look

For those who don't remember (or tried to move on!), Alex was the CIA operative in Call of Duty Modern Warefare who, in the last act, selflessly sacrifices himself for the greater good.

'Yes Maam' indeed - such a noble hero deserved a return to glory, however he apparently didn't come back unscathed.

In a move which was hugely praised by fans around the world, Alex is featured with a prosthetic leg - the results from his brush with death in the campaign.

Many were quick to draw parallels between Alex's depiction and this real life soldier.

Real life Alex
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WARRIOR: An actual soldier with a similar prosthetic to Alex

The following promotional image was released today, and it does not disappoint. Unlike Ghost, who wore the iconic skull faced balaclava with his eyes still viable (terrifying) - Alex has opted for a different look.

ALex Leaked Skin
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'ALEX' THE CONQUEROR: This promo has people seriously impressed

Sunglasses over a balaclava trumps socks over sandals any day, and with his M4, it's unlikely any hostiles would argue differently.

As with Ghost, players will most likely be able to unlock further skins, but what will be interesting will be how his finishing moves measure up to the other operators.

Recently, we've had everything from spartan kicks, savage beat downs and knee shots - so what could Alex have up his sleeves?


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Some people on Twitter suggested it would be a move with his new prosthetic, in a similar vein to The Rock's Skyscraper character, who also had to adapt to life (and action) with a prosthetic leg.

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare's focus on realism this time around, it seems unlikely, but that hasn't stopped people from hazarding a guess!

Other Playable Operators

2020 04 04 2
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THREE'S COMPANY: Two other characters were also revealed


The excitement doesn't stop there, as two new operators will be joining the battle.

Last weekend the original promo image for Season 3 was released, and it got players speculating hard as to who the other two soldiers were in the picture.

We have some answers on the man on the left of the image - it is most likely based on a man called Tu Lam, a Retired Green Beret. Otherwise known as 'Ronin'.

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On his Instagram account, he posts various drills and workshops, alongside showcasing his serious military skills.

Looks like this is the case as the man himself tweeted the image!

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THERE A LICENSE FOR THOSE CANONS? Ronin brings out the big guns


We also got a look at a mystery woman in the picture, on the right.

Details are slim on for the soldier, but with such a powerful female lead in the form of the Modern Warfare campaign's Farah Karim, expectations are set very high for this operator.

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So it's looking good for Season 3! Loads of fresh content, new Operators, multiplayer and ground war maps - even a redesigned map from Modern Warfare 3 in the form of 'Backlot'.

We'll be updating this article with all the latest news on Season 3, so be sure to keep checking in. 

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