Call of Duty: Modern Warfare SEASON 3 returning character REVEALED, Ronin, prosthetic, mystery woman and more

An awesome character is rejoining the fight, and fans are saluting Infinity Ward for their decision.

by Ramzi Musa
COD returning character

Call of Duty Season 2 has been intense to say the least.

Fans were stoked to see Ghost return as a playable operator (with an incredible finishing move and skins).

New maps and weapons have, as usual, fanned the flames of anticipation for the juggernaut that is Call of Duty. What will the next season hold? How can you top Ghost?

Read on to see how Inifity Ward are going to surpass players’ expectations.

For anyone who hasn’t completed the campaign, spoilers ahead.

In the last act of the game you get play as Alex, who sacrifces himself for the cause…or so we’re led to believe.

Alex is back, but has sustained some damage from his heroism and now has a prosthetic leg.

2020 04 04 2
BACK FOR SOME MORE: Operator Alex returns to the pack

Reactions online have been hugely positive to Alex’s depiction and have praised Call of Duty for including a character who has a prosthetic.

And it looks like it’s not far off reality either it would seem.

This image also circulated to show a soldier who shares something in common with Alex too.

2020 04 04 2 1
REAL LIFE: Fans were quick to draw comparisons to this particular soldier

It’s fantastic to see companies showcase the increasingly diverse landscape of people in the world, and we can’t wait to see Alex in action!

Other characters included in the tweet are equally as interesting.

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The male on the left is most likely based on a man called Tu Lam, a Retired Green Beret. Otherwise known as ‘Ronin’.

On his instagram account, he posts various drills and workshops, alongside showcasing his serious miliary skills.

Looks like this is the case as the man himself tweeted the image!

ARMED: Ronin brings out the big guns…literally

Very exciting stuff!

Last but not least, we have our mystery woman in the picture.

Details are thin on the ground for the soldier, but with a strong female lead in the form of Farah Karim being playable in Call of Duty’s campaign mode – our expectations are sky high!

We’ll be updating this article with all the latest news on Season 3, so be sure to keep checking in. 

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Ramzi Musa