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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Zombies - Characters, Storyline, Endings and Everything You Need to Know!

Black Ops Cold War is set to release later this year, around the same time as the Next-Gen consoles!

We can't wait to get our hands on this new title and rediscover old characters like Woods and Mason.

But don't forget, the Zombies game mode will be returning in Cold War, possibly with some of our favourite protagonists!

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We can expect a new roster of characters to come to the new Zombies campaign.

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THE NUMBERS - Woods is an iconic character from the original Black Ops series!


In the trailer, we got a good look at at least four characters that may feature in Cold War's Zombies.

We know Frank Woods will play a role in the main story as well as zombies. This is a big change for the Call of Duty series.

A main character from the campaign has never featured in the Zombies playlist and we can't wait to see how Treyarch develop this part of Frank Woods' story.

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We also got a look at some other characters that may feature in Zombies, but their origins are unclear.


From the small snippet we got at the end of the Multiplayer Reveal Trailer, it's still vague as to where the story will go.

We didn't see any of the characters from the previous Black Ops Zombies story, so there's a chance that narrative will be abandoned.

This would be unfortunate, but Treyarch knows what they're doing when it comes to in-depth storytelling.


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We can't wait to see whether they create a story as intricate and complex as the previous Black Ops games.

Multiple Endings

Treyarch has said they want to have multiple endings in their campaign storyline. This is the same for Zombies.

It seems we'll have plenty of Easter Eggs to get our teeth stuck into when the game launches.

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However, it can be tricky to continue a storyline once you have multiple endings without disregarding a few.

Theatre Mode

A few menus are locked in the current Alpha of Black Ops Cold War, but we have spotted a possible Theatre mode coming to Zombies.

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CONTROVERSY - Will Black Ops Cold War cover some controversial topics?


This would allow players to jump into games they've played previously and capture the fight from different angles and perspectives.

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This is great news for those looking to create awesome content, in the form of tutorials, montages and more!

Open Beta?

The Black Ops Cold War Open Beta will be available for everyone on PlayStation from 10th - 12th October.

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WARZONE - How will Black Ops Cold War change Warzone?


Then we'll be getting another Beta for all platforms on 17th - 19th October.

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We know Multiplayer will be available during this Beta, but we hope Treyarch also give us a sneak peek at the Zombies mode.

Cross Platform and Cross Gen?

With the release of the next-gen consoles coming up later this year, will we see cross-platform and cross-gen features enabled?

The answer is yes! You'll be able to match up with any players from your region on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC!

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This is finally bringing the Call of Duty community together, in ways we've never seen before.

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