Helicopters are SO last season; Warzone could be getting flyable planes soon

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It might cause some kind of havoc, but it seems like Warzone is going to be getting flyable planes in a future update.

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They haven't arrived in Season 4 Reloaded but the leaks suggest they're not far away from making an appearance! Here's the latest and what we know about this unexpected new feature.

Latest - More Plane Leaks in Code

Now that Season 4 Reloaded has arrived in Warzone, more leaks have begun to surface that suggest planes are coming and could be used as part of the reveal fo Vanguard, which is still due to release in Fall 2021.


These leaks provide no information beyond backing up the idea that they're coming, so hopefully we'll hear more soon.

What Evidence Do We Have So Far?

At the moment, ZestyCODLeaks has provided two bits of evidence to support the theory that flyable planes are coming to Warzone in a future update. One bit of it lends itself well to the thought of spinning across Verdansk '84 in some sort of plane. The other bit makes that seem a little bit more of a stretch.

Firstly, planes were spotted in the Warzone files following the Season 4 Reloaded update.


As stated, this could be NPC-controlled and/or an expansion on the objectives being presented in the upcoming Payload game mode.

The second piece of evidence, which would suggest that flyable planes are going to show up in the future is as follows:


Having an Invert Vertical Look toggle for "Airplanes" in Warzone is a little more telling. It, of course, doesn't confirm anything but it certainly reinforces the idea that flyable planes will be coming to Warzone in the future.


Would Flyable Planes Work?

It's hard to say, really. Call of Duty: WWII attempted to introduce dogfights in the War Mode it introduced and they were semi-successful. It isn't unheard of for Activision to rehash existing content for future titles and we could see a similar system appear following the expected Warzone integration with the next Call of Duty title.

In Warzone's current state, though, it's hard to imagine they would work. Latency issues are rife and hackers are even more of an issue. An Airplane would be useless against anyone with an aimbot and we can't imagine you would be able to fly one accurately and at all well with the current server lag Warzone often sees.

It would be a fantastic way to get across the rumoured Pacific Theatre Warzone map, though.

For now, though, we look forward to Payload mode and what it has to offer. If it pays off, Warzone could be changed for the better in seasons to come. If not... Raven Software might just double down on the traditional battle royale experience following Season 4 Reloaded. Only time will tell.