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Battlefield 2042 Petition sees fans demanding a refund

There have been plenty of gaming disasters over the last decade but none have drawn the ire of a fanbase quite like the state of Battlefield 2042.

Now the issue has been compounded further thanks to a petition started by angry fans who want their money back. It's a massive mark on the game's legacy and yet another blockade that both EA and DICE need to navigate.

After Battlefield 2042 wasn't even mentioned in the EA Earnings Call, the belief was that DICE are now on their own when it comes to salvaging the game. It's impossibly to ignore this latest development and it's reached the point where a response is required.

Over 150K Sign Battlefield Petition

At the time of writing, over 150,000 people have signed a Change.Org petition to allow refunds on the game across all platforms.

battlefield 2042 change refund petition
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While it's great to see players taking a stance against the conditions in which Battlefield 2042 was released, this petition needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. The reason for this is because Change.Org has no governance or sway to enact upon its petitions.

For anything to be done about the requested refunds, a legal party would need to represent those who signed the petition and take a legal case against EA/DICE. Of course, either EA or DICE could also respond directly but this is unlikely to result in the requested outcome.

While there are over 150,000 signatures, it's impossible to verify that these are all unique signees. An even bigger issue is that it's impossible to verify whether all signees have purchased a copy of the game which would bring into question why anyone without a copy of the game would sign it.

The reality is that the petition will eventually slow down and the hype surrounding it will die off. DICE have committed themselves to improving the state of the game and thus delayed the Season 1 content to do so.

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