Battlefield 2042: How to Change Fire Mode

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Battlefield 2042 is here and it's a huge new experience for FPS fans to check out - you can have up to 128 players in each game! When you look at where Battlefield has come from as a series, this is one of the most detailed games yet and there are quite a few changes to key mechanics in the game. If you want to change the Fire Mode of your weapon in Battlefield 2042, to make the most of this, we've got you covered.

HOW TO CHANGE - Fire Mode & Alternate Fire

A handful of Battlefield 2042's new weapons offer you an alternate fire mode, something you can change with the touch of a button to change the course of a firefight.

If you can toggle from "auto" to "single" fire on your weapon, or if you have an under-barrel attachment like a grenade launcher, this is going to be a useful thing to know.

If you're using the default keybind options on PC, you should be able to hit V and change the fire mode of your equipped weapon. Similarly, if you're using the basic controller layout options on consoles, you should be able to hit Down on the directional pad (on both Xbox and PlayStation) to do this.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Change Fire Mode
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STAY ON TARGET - Hit your shots with ease by changing the Fire Mode

If you do have an alternate fire mode available for your weapon, you can see the toggle in the bottom right of your screen - on the HUD next to the ammo counter. We know this is a simple one-button change, but it can make a huge difference. Slowing down your fire rate is important in recoil control - which can make a huge difference on Battlefield 2042's huge maps - and making the most of a grenade launcher is always good fun with the destructive environments in play.