Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Features Detailed

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After the dust has died down following its official reveal, Battlefield 2042 has provided details on whether crossplay will be featured in the game and how it will work.

Crossplay is a feature that many gaming fans expect to be part of titles with a heavy multiplayer focus, so with Battlefield 2042 being entirely online, the pressure is truly on.

Luckily, fans will not be left disappointed, here's what we know so far.


Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Details

In a recent tweet, we have all the basic details about how crossplay in Battlefield 2042 will work for various platforms.

Starting with Xbox One and PS4 players, they will have crossplay enabled with each other only. This means that PS4 and Xbox One players can play together but not with any other platforms.

When it comes to the next-gen systems and PC, Battlefield 2042 keeps things fairly simple but will offer some alternatives. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players can play with each other and also with players on PC.

Crossplay on next-gen systems can be disabled, kinda. Both console and PC players can opt-out of playing with each other if they choose This prevents console players from having to potentially deal with the more rampant cheaters on the PC platform.


In some players eyes, it also levels the playing field for those who believe Keyboard and Mouse have the advantage over controller players (we're saying nothing).

It appears that console players will be unable to disable crossplay meaning you are always playing with a mix of PlayStation and Xbox players, regardless of which generation you play on.

Cross-progression has also been confirmed for players who will upgrade across generations or who wish to change platforms throughout their time with Battlefield 2042. This likely means that progression is tied to your EA account rather than the platform save files.