Assassin's Creed Valhalla DLCs will extend the map to Paris and Ireland

Ubisoft has been dropping a lot of Assassin's Creed Valhalla news recently, with the latest trailer detailing the game's Season Pass and Post Launch Strategy.

This new trailer delved into Valhalla's DLCs and it looks like Eivor will be off to new lands, as we explore Paris and Ireland!

Valhalla DLCs will expand the map

Ubisoft unveiled two Valhalla expansions for the Viking saga - Wrath of the Druids and The Siege of Paris.

Each of these expansions will transport us away from England and to new worlds.

Wrath of the Druids

The first DLC will be Wrath of the Druids, which will arrive in early Spring 2021.

This expansion will take us to Ireland as Eivor works to solve the mysteries of an ancient druid cult, called 'The Children of Danu'.

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TO HELL AND BACK: Experience a darker tale in the dpeths of Ireland

In this DLC we'll be hunting down members of the cult, conquering ring forts and even influence the trading systems in Dublin!

Ubisoft has told us to expect a strong Celtic theme with darker undertones as we pillage and raid our way through Ireland.

The Siege of Paris

The second expansion is called The Siege of Paris and will be arriving in early summer 2021.

The siege of Paris is one of the most recognisable events in history, and all you fans of the Vikings TV show will be well aware of this ambitious Viking raid!

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MAKE HISTORY: Take part in one of the most famous Viking raids of all time

In this expansion, we'll explore war-torn Francia, as we interact with historical figures and raid the elite units of Charles the Fat.

We'll also infiltrate the siege, form alliances and try to conquer the town from within.

How to get the Expansions

The Season Pass will grant you access to both expansions and a Legend of Beowulf questline that will be playable from launch.

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If you're getting the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gold, Ultimate or Collectors Editions, then the Season Pass is already included.

If not, the Season Pass wil be available for purchase seperately.

Post Launch and DLC Trailer

Check out the trailer for the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Post Launch content below:

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