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How to download Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Octane

Apex Legends is now heading towards Season 16 on console and PC, but the mobile version is now really taking off. Season 3 is well underway, with a 4th coming soon, and more content is being added every day to flesh out the experience.

If you're looking to get in on the action while you're on the move, we've broken down how you can get your hands on the game. Here's everything you need to know.

How to download Apex Legends Mobile on Android

Apex Legends Mobile finally launches today and you can pick it up for yourself on Android. You can just go to the app store and download it for yourself. If, for some reason, it hasn't popped up just yet, just click on this link and get it installed.

It seems likely that Apex Legends Mobile is launching incrementally across the world so it may have some slightly staggered releases. If the game doesn't boot up for you or doesn't let you into its servers, it seems likely that the servers are having some issues. Just give it a few hours and it should sort itself out.

How to download Apex Legends Mobile on iOS

The game isn't currently on iOS but there are definite plans to get it working. It seems like the team is trying to make a more malleable game, allowing incremental changes to avoid losing major chunks of the player base over each update.

You can sign up for the newsletter right here to get updated as soon as the iOS port is ready. Given that iOS and Android are quite different, it seems like they are slowing down their release to really nail the port. Over the next few months, we should see tonnes of updates to the base Android port and the iOS version will be on the way soon. Though we don't have an official release date, we could imagine it coming in 2022. If we get any news, we will update you right here.

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