Apex Legends Season 16 COUNTDOWN - release date, time, and more

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Apex Legends season 16 has been anticipated for quite a while now and the expectations have definitely been met.

Despite the lack of a new legend for all the players, there is now a focus on the current meta and existing legends.

This means that the general gameplay will get a big overhaul which is great to keep veterans and new players happy.

Additionally, there have been some new additions added to the game so that newbies can have an easier onboarding experience.

New game modes have kept the game fresh, especially with the long-awaited team deathmatch mode.

This update has not yet had an official release date. But, the speculations seem to fit nicely with their patch schedule.

So, let's look at a countdown for season 16 of Apex Legends with its release date, time, and what to expect.

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Apex Legends Season 16 COUNTDOWN

Apex Legends Season 16 COUNTDOWN


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Season 16 Release Date

We should expect to see the new season of the game drop as season 15 leaves the game.

Season 15 will leave the game on February 14 2023.

So, we should expect to see season 16 of the game arrive on February 14, 2023, too.

This makes sense due to the timing of the update as it will arrive on Valentine's Day.

Hopefully, with some new loved-up content for the game too!

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Release Time

We currently don't have the official release time for Season 16 of the game.

However, Apex updates usually fall on a schedule and have a set release time which may differ slightly.


Season 15 of Apex Legends was released at 10 AM PT and we should expect a similar release time for this new season.

But, if you're in another time zone, these may look like this...

  • 10 am PT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 5 pm GMT
  • 12 pm CT

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